Blazing Sails – PC Review (Early Access)

At first glance, a promising reminiscent alternate of a legendary title called Sea of Thieves, which people love because of the extensive adventure that takes place in the multiplayer world.

However, Blazing Sails brings you something completely new and creative in the pirate world, when you think that today everything can be a Battle Royale, why not make the restless sea one of the places where the zone will shrink in a certain period of time.

Developer Get Up Games along with a publisher Iceberg Interactive decided to create a game that will fulfill the needs of a pirate who wants to be the king of the sea in a short period of time.

First of all, I have to say that the game is easy to figure out, as a man who did not know what to expect when he first entered the game, in a very short time I understood the basic game.

The main task in battle royal games is to stay last alive, as well as to have to gather resources to be strong enough to oppose other opponents. But, in this game, do not defend yourself, but defend your ship with your life, which can be destroyed by another ship. So, to win, your task is to keep you and your crew alive and protect your ship while also destroying others.

So, after spawning in the ship, your task is to immediately jump out of it and jump on the island next to which you will be. On that island, you have to break crates in which you will find useful things that you can use later in the ship, and you can also find weapons.

You have to be careful while you are on that island because you may come across other pirates who will take your things if they kill you. So, it’s always a good idea to go back to the ship and leave things and then go back in search.

I don’t think it’s interesting to play this game so much with random people in the team, since in a way, tactics are also important for this game. It can easily happen that a ship is left alone and that another ship encounters and destroys it. It was very irritating to be in a team with a people who don’t know what they are doing, but hey, these are the charms of online gaming.

By playing the game you can get items with which you can change the look of your character or the look of the ship. The game does not contain a large number of items for now, but we would expect more when the game comes out of early access.

I think that the game lacks achievements, since we are used to the fact that in almost all games today there are certain tasks with which you can lev el up, unlock new items or maybe new characters. This game does not contain any of that for now, but more attention is paid to the gameplay itself.

Each continent has a pair of servers that you can access before or during the match (to watch the match). Which means that the game doesn’t have any competitive mode for now, which also means that every match is there to have fun.

Each server has a maximum of 16 players which means there are 4 teams. Before the match starts, the crew gets a map on which they can choose the island next to which their ship will be spawned. Which means you and your friends don’t have to parachute to a certain location, you just spawn on it, but because of that, you can’t know how many enemies will also spawn in that place, so you always have to be careful.

I like that the game starts to be more fun just after collecting items from the island, when you start to sail with the boat towards the zone, there is real action waiting for you. Then your crew and you must shoot other ships with cannons and at the same time patch up your ship when it is hit so that water does not enter inside, for things like this, you and your team should know what you are doing, because sinking someone else’s ship is not that simple.

For cannons, you can also find an upgrade to be more precise and to insert the cannonball into the cannon faster. When water enters your boat, it is important that you patch the hole from which the water flows as soon as possible and that you also use a water pump to return the water from the boat back to the sea. A good team and good organization will lead you to victory because you can hardly achieve anything on your own.

When it comes to graphics, it does remind me of the game Sea of Thieves, but with a less details and with a brighter textures. Blazing Sails gives more of a cartoonish vibe. While sailing with a ship, you can feel the ocean breathing as the way it should be.

Uncalm sea, strong wind & setting sun gives a stunning ambience, and along with a pirate music it really gives an immersive gameplay.

As the developers say, there is much more to add to this very interesting game. Some of these things are more types of ships, more islands, more weapons, female characters and many other things. I’m also expecting more servers and maybe some new game modes.

Overall, I enjoyed every second playing it and I can’t wait to see how the game will look like when it comes out of the Early Access.


  • Easy & fast to get into
  • Immersive
  • Well balanced gameplay
  • Very nice ambience


  • No tasks/achievements
  • Not optimized for minimum system requirements
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