Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – First look to a different Dinosaurs game

This year developer Pyramid Games along with publisher PlayWay decided to bring us a new and very different Dinosaur game.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is an adventure, simulator, dinosaur game which allows you to fully become a paleontologist. That means that you can learn and experience a process of finding Dinosaur fossils.

In addition to finding fossils, the game allows you to assemble a dinosaur skeleton and perhaps learn new species, it also allows you to arrange the skeleton yourself and put it in a museum. And who knows, maybe your childhood love for dinosaurs will start growing again.

The game development is currently in progress (click here to support the kickstarter campaign) so we are still looking forward to see new updates and changes.

The story of the main character in this game is how he always kept his love for dinosaurs, he did not overcome them like some other kids. As a child he loved to draw dinosaurs and make & assemble a skeleton. And now he had a chance to do what he loves, to look for real dinosaur fossils.

That’s the story you will hear in the beginning of the game, and personally I love the simulators with stories, it makes a game more interesting.

As you start the game you will be in the museum, surrounded by dinosaur skeletons, shortly after that you will find yourself in the nature, with the task of going to a place where you will try to find your first dinosaur fossils.

But before you start, take a look at that beautiful nature that breathes, I have to say, the graphics and sounds are very well done. Not only can you see nature, you can also hear it, they work in harmony and give a beautiful ambience to this game.

Unfortunately, low PC specifications will not handle this graphics nicely and I think that optimization should be done so anyone can enjoy playing this game.

Finding the fossils was interesting but somehow it was short and fairly simple when I found out where they were. All in all, the digging with a shovel was the most interesting and I think that something more could be added besides the fossils.

The first thing I would add is a visible character in the car and I would change the UI because to me it somehow doesn’t match with the gameplay. Also, what I would like to see in the game is a little more guidance because I had a hard time coping while doing certain things.

In addition, I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to clean the fossils and prepare for the museum. It’s not a matter of it taking long, it’s a matter of it being too monotonous and not interesting. The only thing I did was keep my left click and walk over the fossil for over half an hour.

If the process can’t be speeded up already, make it more interesting. But I’m sure the developers already know about this and will definitely improve and change something, so I’m looking forward to trying the game again in a couple of months.

In the end, the game is interesting, it provides something new and unique and I respect that. The graphics are good but therefore require solid computer specifications. The game is still in the demo phase, which means that it will only become more interesting and exciting.

For now, what it provides is quite ok and I look forward to seeing how it will improve in the future.

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