Dog Duty – PC Review

The developer Zanardi and Liza along with publisher SOEDESCO is working on a real time tactical shooter game that is called Dog Duty. Since August 2019, these developers have been working on this game, which should soon come out of the Early Access.

But despite the fact that it is still in the early access, the game is complete and some bugs remain to be fixed. The story of the game is a cliché, evil wants to conquer the world and the only thing left for you is to become heroes by stopping it.

It is interesting in what ways this classic story can be made interesting, and this game has just shown that.

The whole game is set in a 3D world from a bird’s eye view while some cutscenes, weapons, inventory, map and character appearances are 2D pixel-art, which makes the game very unique.

The main villains in the game are Octopus Commander and his army, who decided to conquer the world by destroying the competition. But the story is less important here, your main task is to destroy three very heavily armed vehicles (that is, three bosses), in the three regions in which it will be located. And after that, you will have to go to the Capital to destroy the main boss of the game.

When you start the game, you move immediately and without delay to the adventures. The first mission is to escape from prison, this mission is also a tutorial where you will learn the basics, how to use a weapon, how to use a Molotov and this is where you unlock your first three characters.

In that mission, you will also unlock a character called Romeo, which is for me the best character in the whole game. Romeo is as strong as a mountain and carries with him a machine gun, and it is very difficult to knock him down.

But of course, there are 5 more characters in the game next to him that you might prefer. After completing the first mission, you will receive your first vehicle, Old Truck, with which you will be able to drive around the Capital and Desert City region. While for the remaining two regions you will use a boat (for river) and a hovercraft (for swamp).

Controlling these vehicles is quite easy as it can be operated with both keyboard (W,A,S,D) or mouse. While driving, you will encounter an octopus army that will try to stop you, you can either accept the fight or just run away, but if you destroy them, you get $100 with which you can buy useful things. Be careful because your vehicle also has a health bar and which can be repaired by clicking ALT on the marked parking field.

When you go through the tunnel to enter the new region, there will be a gun shop at the very beginning where you can buy various rifles, bombs, body armor vest, Molotov cocktail or upgrade your vehicle with some rifle mount.

In the shop you can also sell your items or swap one of your characters with reserves. Throughout the gameplay, Molotov was one of my best friends, he can clear the sector from the enemies at very great distances, while enemies would just stand in the fire and not hesitate to get out of it.

Even if the enemies don’t see you, they will shout “Hey you!” and I find that very funny. Almost every conversation that this game has, has that spice of comedy and modern jokes, so you’ll have to think twice before you want to skip it.

Now, let’s talk about everything that you have to before you face the main boss of the game.

As I said, there are 3 regions, and each of them has 6 base’s which are possessed by Octopus army, that is two Outposts, one Armor Supply, POW camp, Weapon Supply and the Boss location. Your job is to clear all those sectors from the army and take control of it. As you cleared the area, your people will move there and you can then save the game or repair a vehicle there.

You will also find some useful stuff there, for example in Weapon Supply you can find Molotov’s, grenades or even rockets. Of course, some of those territories will be harder to take over, but you also don’t have to go in order.

In the end, you will have to fight with the boss of that region, who also has a health bar and after he loses half of it, he goes into “rage” mode and his attacks will become more aggressive. The easiest boss without a doubt is Octo-Jumper, as he only fires vertically.

As you clear out all three regions from the bosses, you’ll have to go back to the capital city where the main base of Octopus Army is. My advice to you is not to come here without at least 20 Molotov cocktails, as your task will be to detonate a bomb with one character while solving hundreds of troops with the remaining two.

You will need a very good tactic because the army is constantly coming in large numbers, in that moment you should use a Molotov cocktail. And finally, when you take care of that, the final boss Mecha Octopus will sneak out and try to destroy you. He was a little bit harder to deal with as his Laser attacks gave me an ear bleeding and I had to turn off completely the sound of the game in Volume Mixer. In that moment I determined that sounds are very unbalanced as volume settings didn’t work very well.

In addition, the game is perfect as it is. I had fun driving around the regions, fighting an army with 3 people, tearing down the random houses and watchtowers with my vehicles.

I just wish I could save the game anywhere. If you like tactics, especially shooters, try this game, I promise it won’t let you down.


  • Unique graphics
  • Fun & challenging
  • Jumps straight into the action


  • Lack of guide at the beginning
  • Minor bugs & glitches