eFootball PES 2021 Club Edition – Quick Review

Konami has decided to do something to make PES fans enjoy the new game until next September. Recently, it came out under the official name eFootball PES 2021, but the only thing that differs from the previous PES is that this one contains new rosters, transfers, some small gameplay adjustments and a changed design.

However, PES 2021 has some small gameplay changes, the developers have tried as much as possible to balance and slightly change the game unlike 2020.

It’s been half a year since we got the renovated version of PES 2020, called PES 2021 and since I haven’t played a football game in a long time, I decided to give this game another chance. Only this time I also got a chance to try out the Club Edition version which can be bought for 5 more euros.

As we know in most online games today, those who put money into it, including football games as well, have an advantage. And with a small surcharge you can have a better start unlike someone who hasn’t bought a CLUB EDITION. Of course, this bonuses mainly refers to the MyClub online mode in which your goal is to put together a team and compete against other players.

These are the bonuses that you get after buying Club Edition:

  • ‘Iconic Moment Series’ x 1 player
  • Full squad (manager and players)
  • Digital kit
  • Original in-game menu theme
  • 3 Player Contract Tickets x 30 weeks
  • Premium Agent x 30 weeks (*Premium Agents can sign players from a large variety of clubs, including players from the club of whichever edition you have purchased.)
  • 3000 MyClub Coins

There are 5 Club Editions: FC Barcelona EDITION, FC Bayern München EDITION, Juventus EDITION, Manchester United EDITION and Arsenal EDITION. So when you choose and buy your favorite team, in MyClub you will immediately be able to play with its entire squad (but you can’t put players who don’t belong to that club) and you will also get a lot of Coins with which you will be able to buy packs, from which you have the opportunity to get very good players for you the squad you are building.

At the beginning I immediately got Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and with these 3000 Coins I bought “Special Agent” packs in which I got other decent players & some training bonuses. After some time I also bought a manager that boosted up team spirit and gameplay immediately became much more responsive, and just better in general.

Personally, I don’t like the fact that very good football players are too easy to get in MyClub, literally with only a 5 euro surcharge you can have an amazing team, it’s just important that you know what you’re doing.

This makes those players with lower grades, negligible, and in addition you have a coach and accessories that you have to buy to improve the so-called team spirit. When I used to play with a weaker team that almost doesn’t have a team spirit, the gameplay was in slow motion and the player didn’t know exactly what they were doing, but with good players and a good coach I can now feel how better gameplay can be. So, I think if you plan to play MyClub with Standard Edition, you will have a frustrating experience playing online games against people who have a better team.

And finally, is it worth giving a little more money and buying the Club Edition? The answer of course depends on whether you play MyClub mode, if the answer is yes, then in my opinion it is worth buying Club Edition because it significantly improves the beginner’s experience and honestly you get a lot when it comes to MyClub.

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