eFootball PES 2021 Season Update – PC Review

Due to the catastrophe that happened to us a few months ago, and it continues, Konami, like all other companies, had to slow down and because of that they were unable to launch a brand-new PES game. However, Konami has decided to do something to make PES fans enjoy the new game until next September.

Recently, it came out under the official name eFootball PES 2021 Season Update, but the only thing that differs from the previous PES is that this one contains new rosters, transfers, some small gameplay adjustments and a changed design.

The graphics as well as the mechanics of the game have remained the same, and because of that, the new PES costs $30 less.

Some of the fans may be disappointed because according to this procedure, Konami sells the same game only with new transfers, which could have been free.

But, as a justification, Konami announced that PES 2022 will be transferred to Unreal Engine, so it will be made again from scratch, which means that we will get a new football game next September.

The mobile version of PES has already been transferred to Unreal Engine, so they already have a basis in some way.

Honestly, I’m glad that PES is moving to a new engine. Since 2013, PES is sharing the same game engine with another Konami game series, Metal Gear. Seven years in a row we are getting a slow-paced gameplay with an incomprehensible player movement that is just unenjoyable.

Sure, PES fans have adapted, but someone who doesn’t play PES so often or at all, I think they’d rather choose FIFA at a time like this, since it’s very easier for beginners. But again, both games are good and I’m happy to switch from one to the other, I don’t have a favorite.

As for the licenses, in PES 2021 we can say that they are like every year, without any major surprises. The entire Spanish league does not have a license except Barcelona, more than half of the English league does not have a license, while in the Italian Serie A, licenses for Milan and Inter Milan are missing.

Nothing unusual and nothing terrible for PES fans, since there are already unofficial patches that you can download and play the game with teams that have names.

However, PES 2021 has some small gameplay changes, the developers have tried as much as possible to balance and slightly change the game unlike 2020. All these improvements are in some ways small and if you do not notice them well, you will not even notice.

Namely, the players are more agile, the duels are now more realistic and the players will not stop when you pass the ball to them in the penalty area. But it still happens to me that when I get into a duel, I make a funny foul, which when I take a closer look at the replay, it wasn’t really a foul, but just a weird contact. Sometimes not intentionally, since the defense in PES is still robotic and by holding the pass button (in most cases X or A) your player with whom you play defense will easily play defense instead of you and try to take the ball.

As for the shots, center shots and passes, they are flawless and you can really make a beautiful action and give a beautiful goal, but of course, all this can be used against you since the defense is robotic.

When it comes to online modes, nothing has changed. MyClub is still the same as it was, sadly unbalanced. It is already clear to everyone that Konami tried to copy one of the best FIFA online modes, Ultimate Team. But we can say for now that MyClub isn’t nearly as good as the Ultimate Team, even though the Ultimate Team hasn’t been as good in the last 3 years.

MyClub consists of getting good players too soon, and the only way to get them is to open packs, and you will always have some promo pack that will offer you certain players, so unlike FIFA, here you can easily get a player with a score over 90 without spending a cent. But with good players, you have to have a good coach, who will know how to train your team in only one formation, and in addition to all that, you have to use additional boost cards, Tactical Training will increase the chemistry in your team, and the greater the chemistry in the team, the more organized your team will be in defense and attack on the field.

In case you have very good players in the team, and weak chemistry, you will struggle to make a simple action on the goal, not to mention the defense.

Finding an online opponent can take quite a long time, at least that’s how it is on a PC. Finding a regular online match can take up to half an hour, and when it is found, there are always certain problems with the connection, so an online match is usually lagging and has input delay.

In addition to online mods, there are always good Master League, Become a Legend and new UEFA EURO 2020 game mode, which was postponed this year, but football fans will be able to play with their national team in the new PES game mode.

There is not much to say about the new PES but I hope that next year we will have a lot to say when this football simulation switches to a new engine, I hope in a better light.

In any case, this game is still adorned with beautiful graphics, brilliantly done football players’ faces, extraordinary passes and goals, as well as a perfect replay camera after the goal has been scored.

In the end, PES will always be one of the classics when it comes to football simulation, no matter what.


  • Small gameplay improves
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Amazing action/replay camera


  • Horrible online experience
  • Robotic AI defense
  • Missing teams & licenses
Online Multiplayer
Game Mechanics
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