HammerHelm – The bigger your town, the bigger your adventure! – Review

Since July 2017, developer SuperSixStudios, along with publisher SOEDESCO, is working on an indie, adventure, RPG game called HammerHelm, and I must say that I am pretty impressed!

This game really does have its own uniqueness. It was an overwhelming experience to be placed on an Island, surrounded by beautiful environment, where everything feels in place. You can build your town, you can fight, you can do different kind of tasks, or you can just rest your eyes by looking at this simple, yet gorgeous sky.

At this time, the game is available on Steam in Early Access. It has more than 150 reviews, and 80% of them are positive! The number will grow that’s for sure because the game is currently in progress and there are a lot of updates to come.

As you’ve been kicked out from your home, the only chance you’ve got is to bury the past and start a new life in the unknown, beneath the blue skies.

Well, all beginnings are difficult, but, with the power of your axe and the strength of your shield, you will manage to become the leader of the greatest empire this Island has ever saw. Gathering resources, fighting various of enemies, doing different tasks and expanding your town is what this game is all about!

In the beginning, you will have to gather the resources in order to make your first building which is called “Storehouse” where all the resources can be stored. After building a Storehouse, you can build your first Wooden House in order to get your first NPC’s.

The NPC’s are dwarves, just like you, came to start a new life in your town. They will help you by collecting stones, chopping trees and they can also do various kind of jobs (hunting, mining, blacksmithing, fishing, etc..), and they will also give you a quest.

As you build more houses, the more people will come to live in your town and collecting resources will become much easier.

But you have to make sure that people are happy in your town by giving them a job which match their description and you also have to make sure that they don’t need anything, in time people will tell you if they are happy in your town.

The missions will keep you busy until they start to get repetitive and boring, but as you make progress, the new missions will come and you will feel excitement and curiosity again.

We all have to keep in mind that the game is still in Beta and there are so, so much things to get improved, added and fixed.

Even if you can do a lot of things in the game, it gets boring because the main tasks are repetitive and it doesn’t have any story. Every conversation or task feels simplified or straight forward and sometimes I wonder why am I doing certain thing, like, why would I go to the ruins to destroy monsters over and over again? And then I remembered that I need gold in order to build more constructions.

The missions aren’t that hard, its either fighting enemies or just collecting some stuff in the woods for your people. For me, the main goal was to form a functional town which will never be out of resources.

In terms of fighting enemies, you do not have to care about having a good weapon or having an armor. Enemies will just stand there until you finish them and sometimes, they will attack, but just by using shield or dodge, you can easily win the fight. I find combat very boring and unchallenging, still, the game gets updates few times a week and there is only a matter of time when combat will be improved.

The nature is diverse and beautiful, it is really wonderful to walk through the forest and collect a loot that hides in bushes, the only complaint is that wild animals are missing.

As I said, the graphics in this game hit different, unlike the other game developers who try to compete who will make the better-looking gameplay, SuperSixStudios kept it old school and perfectly hit the spot with combining those colors with shadows.

It feels like everything belongs in the same universe and makes you fully be in the game. Although the hud and some other minor stuff can be improved, the sky and almost everything beneath it looks absolutely fantastic. Of course, there are still glitches that will be undoubtedly resolved over time.

The music and sounds aren’t anything special, they’re simple and that’s quite enough to immerse you even more in the gameplay. So far, great work has been done in terms of sounds, and over time, of course, it could improve. I think for now, the priority is everything but that. Background music gives feeling that you are playing an RPG, and I think that some ambience of nature could be inserted, just to make the feeling somehow complete.

In conclusion, Hammerhelm has a great potential, it brings something old yet something fresh and new to gaming community.

The gameplay is interesting and the desire for progress is what has kept me constantly in that world. Some will like the graphics and some will not, to me it is honestly great for this type of game.

Along with music they make you separate from the real world. With developers constantly working to improve this game, with people constantly sending feedback for improvement,  

I can definitely see success in this game and I look forward to seeing progress in it.


  • Unique town builder
  • 3rd person & first-person gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Old-school style RPG


  • Repetitive combat/missions
  • Limited area for building a town
  • No wild animals
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