100 STEPS – an ultra-indie roguelite tower crawler made by solo dev from Spain – launches on Steam with a 15% launch discount


Bytesize initiative, a part of the Kinda Brave, along with solo developer Endorth Studio, proudly announces the release of their inaugural commercial title, 100 Steps, now available on Steam.

In 100 Steps, you step into the shoes of a daring adventurer, driven by the allure of wealth and a coveted spot among the gods in the Tower’s pantheon. There’s only one rule: you need climb up the 100 Floors of the Tower and you only have 100 actions to do so. Some claim this is an impossible feat, some claim the one rule can be broken.

Taking the role of one of 10 playable heroes, you will explore the floors of the Tower, collecting weapons and power-ups while confronting formidable enemies. Your strategic choices and judicious use of actions will determine your success as you try to discover ways to bend or break the rules of the game imposed by the Divine. Will you dare anger the Gods themselves to achieve your goal?

100 Steps debuts with a 15% launch discount available for the next 7 days on Steam, priced at $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.49. Curious players can experience a game demo available on Steam For additional details about 100 Steps, please visit the Steam page, the website, developer, or Bytesize

About Kinda Brave

Kinda Brave is a modern game portfolio company that specializes in working with indie game studios and intellectual property. We develop our in-house studios as well as a third-party publishing division. We are small teams with grand visions, encompassing Dinomite Games with the forthcoming “Go Fight

Fantastic,” Ember Trail with the anticipated “Distant Bloom,” and the Bytesize initiative, catering to micro-creators.

About Bytesize initiative

ByteSize is a gateway to a world of pint-sized gaming wonders! We’re dedicated to championing the unsung heroes of the gaming world – microgame creators. Our specialty is delivering top-notch, pocket-friendly experiences that cater to all. Forget about the confines of genres; we’re genre-anarchists, out to uncover the uncharted territories between them, serving up fresh, one-of-a-kind adventures. We source our gems from the most brilliant Game Jam developers, ensuring you’re always in for a treat.

About Endorth Studio

Hi, I’m Endorth! I’m a passionate game developer, originally from a board game background, and currently based near Barcelona. My journey in the gaming industry began as an enthusiast of Game Jams, and now I’m thrilled to transition into the professional sector, where I can bring my creativity and passion to new heights.

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