25 years later, Twinsen is about to make its big comeback!


Cult-classic game from the 90’s acclaimed for its innovation and originality, Twinsen’s Odyssey will soon return to consoles & PC.

Thanks to the kind support of the original creators, Frédérick Raynal and Didier Chanfray, the indie studio [2.21] is actively working on a new game, which will be a reboot of the license.

While retaining the essence of Twinsen’s Odyssey, the new team is embarking on a major project to bring Twinsen to a new generation of players.

Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure and Twinsen’s Odyssey, released in 1994 and 1997 respectively, have sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.

The fan community of the original games is still very active and is closely following the creation process. The studio has just completed its first prototype, which is currently being submitted to publishers.

From one generation to another

In order to respect the legacy of the license, while opening the fields of creative possibilities, the studio [2.21] has chosen to associate the original creators of the game with a new generation of talented creators. A French figure in video games, Frédérick Raynal’s creations have marked the history of the video game industry.

The artistic direction

The brilliant Brazilian artist Paulo Torinno was entrusted with the artistic direction of this new game. An unconditional fan of Twinsen since his childhood, his unique line infuses the game in development with modernity, humor and poetry.

“To those who love Twinsen, we’re trying to bring a lot of new things, but at the same time, carry the essence of the game experience we’ve known. From fan to fan, I think it’s going to be great.
Paulo Torinno

A unique universe

On the planet with two suns, night does not exist…

Players will have fond memories of a unique universe, where exploration is synonymous with discoveries and surprises. The game is narrated by Samantha Bailly, screenwriter and author of more than 20 books.

“Little Big Adventure offers a profoundly universal experience that manages the feat of carrying us along at any age.”
Samantha Bailly

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