And it’s GO, GO, GO for New Star GP with exclusive content for Early Access players!


Developers, New Star Games, the BAFTA award-winning studio behind hit games like New Star Soccer, Retro Goal and Retro Bowl are pleased to announce that the warmup lap is complete and their new retro-styled racing game, New Star GP, is now available for download on Steam Early Access for just $17.99 / £14.99 / €17.49.

This represents a significant discount on what the expected price will be on exiting Early Access as more content is added to the game.

Download New Star GP in Steam Early Access:

Early Access players will also get an exclusive, FREE body-shell. The Lucas 05 body-shell is a cool cosmetic exclusive, with a real nostalgic look to it.

New Star GP is a fast and exciting arcade motorsport game with stunning retro visuals. Play Career Mode starting in the 80’s and work your way through decades of racing while upgrading your car and your support team, or chase high scores in Championship Mode on your own or in split-screen with up to three friends.

The initial Early Access version has races set in both the 80’s and the 90’s, containing 56 individual race events taking place in iconic racing venues like Brisbane, Quebec and Côte D’Azur. As early access moves toward a full release, there are plans to evolve the Career Mode to include future decades of racing along with new cars, locations, tracks and rivals.

The Championship Mode has a selection of different championships to play in either single player or with up to three other players, with plans to add more content while in Early Access.

New Star GP is the biggest and most ambitious game that New Star Games has ever worked on, so is a great fit for Steam Early Access. With an excellent reputation for listening and working with the community on their titles, New Star Games are looking forward to getting player input on refining the current experience and also on adding new content and features.

New Star GP has been developed by New Star Games and published by Five Aces Publishing.

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