Astrosmash, a BBG Entertainment’s reimagined 16-bit cosmic classic, blasts back into modern gaming today!

BBG Entertainment’s reimagined 16-bit cosmic classic is making a comet-sized comeback on Steam, Xbox, Switch, Windows & Apple Mac


BBG Entertainment ignites a cosmic collision between retro gaming and modern platforms today with the return of ASTROSMASH® in an explosive 16-bit revamp!

The reimagined classic shoot-em-up is available to download now on Steam (Windows/Mac), Xbox One/Series X|SNintendo SwitchWindows Store and Mac App Store, where seasoned astronauts and new recruits alike are invited to a celestial showdown of epic proportions across contemporary gaming universes.

Astronauts, to your stations! Embark on an epic journey through the cosmos with ASTROSMASH®, where the only thing between survival and an unyielding interstellar onslaught is your trusty laser cannon.

Players will navigate through 10 increasingly challenging levels of pure, celestial adrenaline, annihilating a relentless parade of cosmic adversaries. From fiery meteors to elusive UFOs, each level intensifies, offering varied velocities, trajectories, and enemy complexities, all set against the backdrop of stunning astronomical vistas and a harmoniously synchronised soundtrack.

About BBG Entertainment GmbH

BBG Entertainment is a games developer and publisher headquartered in Munich, Germany. The founder and staff of BBG Entertainment have years of experience in the market for computer and mobile games,

especially in the area of retro and casual gaming, and excellent contact with many renowned gaming companies for well over 25 years. BBG Entertainment offers games like Boulder Dash®, Dynablaster® and Einstein™ Brain Trainer. Their most recent release lineup includes reimagined versions of Dynablaster®, which launched September 14, 2023, Shark! Shark!®, which launched on September 28 and Astrosmash®, set to arrive on October 12. For more information about all BBG Entertainment products please visit

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