Atari’s Lunar Lander Beyond Touches Down on April 23rd


Lunar Lander Beyond isn’t your average retro reimagining; the storytelling pros at Dreams Uncorporated amplify everything good about the classic genre-defining Lunar Lander by elevating its simplistic arcade origins and infusing it with a signature art style, a narrative-rich storyline, and a captivating universe where not everyone and everything is as it seems.

If you remember the classic Lunar Lander, you probably fondly recall its distinct gameplay loop and clunky-yet-perfect-for-their-time controls. With Beyond, Dreams Uncorporated has managed to honor its legacy and predecessor while building a narrative and world that simply act as compliments on top of an already award-winning formula.

In Lunar Lander Beyond, players take on the role of proper ship captains leading their crew through perilous missions and complicated interpersonal relationships. Explore planets, build a team of intrepid explorers, and soar through the cosmos, delivering crucial cargo. Just watch out for those mysterious portals…and pink elephants.

Cosmic Artistry: Immerse yourself in Dreams Uncorporated’s opulent sci-fi vistas, meticulously crafted in their signature hand-drawn style.

 Celestial Quests: Embark on an interstellar odyssey, conquering 30 daring missions spanning five celestial bodies: Nueva Luna, Mars, Venus, Ganymede, and the enigmatic realm of Etimus.

Fully Personalized: Forge your own destiny with a myriad of pilot options, featuring procedurally generated characters and unique attributes. Choose from four one-of-a-kind ships, and customize them with a selection of a dozen enhancements.

Perilous Trials Await: Choose your destiny with four distinct difficulty tiers, where the highest, ‘Insane,’ pushes the boundaries with the risk of permadeath – only the boldest dare tread this treacherous path.

Lunar Lander Beyond prepares for landing on April 23, 2024, for Windows PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 &5. Learn more at the official website.

For a full list of physical editor retailers for the Standard and Steelbook Deluxe Edition of Lunar Lander Beyond, visit the website here:

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