Become a Top Commander in Real-Time Military Strategy Game ‘Warpath’, Now Available on PC


Commander, the region has been conquered! Today, Lilith Games announced that free-to-play real-time strategy game Warpath is available on PC, bringing its thrilling real-time combat to a brand new battleground.

Following a successful release on iOS and Android devices, the PC version of the RTS title includes graphical enhancements and several PC-only features and additions.

Become a powerful military leader and command an army of skilled troops in Warpath. Use your tactical smarts to control units, utilizing more than 200 different pieces of formidable military equipment to destroy enemy bases! Coordinate your soldiers across land and air, including almighty tank battalions, as you wage war and expand your territory across a large-scale strategic map. Players can also take the fight to their friends with multiplayer allowing you to fight foes from all over the world, taking part in massive battles that provide global fame and glory.

Additionally, Warpath’s sniper gameplay lets you take a break from being the boss to go boots on the ground. In first-person special operations missions, use your pinpoint accuracy to attack enemies directly, taking them down faster than they can say “surrender”.

All of this will look beautiful, too, as Warpath on PC comes with enhanced graphic improvements that will immerse you into this military experience, with every action-packed explosion and every inch of varied terrain looking fantastic thanks to advanced 3D battlefield details. Furthermore, the PC version has been optimized to provide fluid gameplay on a range of models and screen sizes, while keyboard shortcuts allow commanders to set up keybindings. You can also link your data between the PC and mobile versions of the game, so you can take your army on the go, or play while you’re at home.

To celebrate the release of Warpath’s innovative PC version, players are now able to participate in the exciting “Be a Commander” launch event. Those who rank highly in combat power can win cash and generous in-game prizes!

Key Features of Warpath on PC
  • Advanced 3D Battlefield: A richly detailed battlefield makes gunfire, explosions, and areas of terrain shine.
  • PC-Specific Features: Command your army your way, with keyboard shortcuts and keybindings.
  • Real-Time Combat and Real-Time Strategy: Advanced tactics required as players can control nine military units, using 200+ pieces of weaponry to defeat enemies.

Warpath is now available on PC, free-to-play, click here to download the game. You can also download Warpath for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

For the latest on tournaments, updates, and new features, follow  Warpath on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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