‘Blue Wednesday’ Offers A Unique Jazz-Inspired Narrative Adventure About Music And Passion On STEAM


Indie game developer and publisher Buff Studio is proud to announce the upcoming release of Blue Wednesday, a unique jazz-inspired narrative adventure coming to PC via STEAM™ this spring.

Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, Blue Wednesday challenges you to experience the success and failures of Mr. Morris, an up-and-coming jazz pianist looking to exploit his talent for fame and fortune.

Blue Wednesday takes place in Evans City, where you play the role of protagonist Mr. Morris as he explores a city full of exciting and colorful characters and objects; the objective is to experience the life of Mr. Morris through interaction, vivid cutscenes at key moments within the game, and through a series of more than 20 mini-games. Along the way, you will play and master the piano while collecting items and learning the rich and varied life of your fellow city-roaming characters.

Blue Wednesday features a plethora of fun and engaging mini-games that appear depending on the actions of Mr. Morris. As you play, you interact with other characters and learn their stories, ultimately enabling you to collect valuable objects. You can also collect sheets of music but choose wisely! Your choices will shape the narrative and determine the albums you can collect, ranging from Tango and bossa nova, cool jazz, and modern jazz. You can play them during the rhythm games during the gameplay. When you help other characters, you can collect rare music albums, and if you like, you can look through piles of old LPs in the back of a music shop. Collect these albums from diverse musical genres and play them on the turntable in Morris’s room. Listen to and enjoy the rare albums hidden around the city.


  • Plenty of Jazz
  • A Unique & Compelling Adventure
  • 10 Fun And Colorful Characters
  • 20+ Mini-Games
  • Fun Collectibles & Sheet Music
  • Rare Music Albums

Blue Wednesday is scheduled for an official release in May 2023 but may launch sooner, around March, as an Early Access title. In addition, the game has been nominated for the Best Innovation Award in MWU (Made with Unity) at the Korea Awards 2022.

Blue Wednesday is available via STEAM™

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