Capes is Flying in with Two New Hero Trailers Ahead of the Game’s Launch on May 29th!


Developer Spitfire Interactive and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment posted two new trailers for their upcoming turn-based superhero tactics game Capes, which is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on May 29th, 2024.


Mercurial is a versatile hero who combines immense speed with raw power. Even before getting her powers, Mercurial let her fists do the talking. From street fighting to professional combat sports, she’s been an active presence on the local scene. However, once she realized that her reflexes and speed had become inhuman, she knew she had just two options: join the Capes or get captured by The Company – the group that declared superpowers illegal.

Mercurial’s speed allows her to cover huge distances, land some hefty punches, confuse or even disarm enemies and get out of danger, all within the blink of an eye.


Weathervane was a keen football player with a quick temper and big dreams. He’s been training hard and blowing through the competition, but that all changes when he accidentally unleashes his powers and gets captured by The Company for nefarious experiments. Luckily, the Capes save his life. He joins them to fight the good fight…and to get revenge.

Weathervane’s Lightning Scourge shocks multiple enemies at once, while his wind abilities allow him to push and pull fuel barrels right to where he wants them – with explosive results!


At its core, Capes is an action focused turn-based superhero strategy game. Level up your heroes and combine their powers to access devastating team-up attacks in strategically challenging missions. Play across the dark and gritty campaign to reveal the truth behind the horrific Enhancement Program created by the supervillain Operator Alpha, and complete side-missions to improve your heroes and learn more about their past.


Those who want to save the city with flair should consider the Capes: King City Edition, which launches simultaneously. The King City Edition includes the full game and the Supporters Pack, filled to the brim with extra content including alternate hero appearances, an art book featuring more than 50 pages of the art behind Capes, and more.

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