Capes Takes Flight! Superhero Tactical Action out today on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation


Daedalic Entertainment and Spitfire Interactive are thrilled to announce the official release of Capes, their new turn-based superhero tactics game, today available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Get ready to dive into a gritty and captivating adventure where heroes rise, villains scheme, and the fate of King City is in your hands.

Capes Creative Director Cade Franklin says: “Capes takes flight today! We’re beyond excited to release Capes on PC and consoles, bringing a fresh and thrilling superhero tactical experience to players on all platforms. Prepare for an adventure where your tactical prowess and heroism will shape the fate of the city. The journey starts now – dive into Capes and become the hero you were meant to be!”


At its core, Capes is an action-focused, turn-based superhero strategy game. Players can level up their heroes in numerous handcrafted story missions, combine their powers for unique team-up attacks, and change the tide of battles with devastating ultimate powers. Unlike other turn-based strategy games, Capes strategy and combat isn’t based around luck, random hit-chance, or lurking behind cover. After all, hiding, ducking for cover, and missing hits would feel rather un-superhero like.

Don’t let the colorful character designs fool you, as the campaign features dark and gritty undertones. Send your heroes on missions to unveil more and more about the horrific Enhancement Program created by the supervillain Operator Alpha. Train your heroes and learn more about their past in patrol missions, or replay your favorite parts of the campaign and try to fulfill all side-objectives for an additional challenge.

While Capes is Spitfire Interactive’s debut title, the team itself consists of industry veterans, mostly coming from the former Defiant Development team. The story and world was written by video game veteran and comic book enthusiast Morgan Jaffit who already earned his Cape working on the highly acclaimed Hand of Fate and the cult-classic superhero game Freedom Force.


  • Strategic Turn-Based Combat: Engage in deep, tactical battles that require thoughtful planning and strategic use of each hero’s unique abilities.
  • Diverse Roster of Heroes: Assemble a team from a wide array of superheroes, each with their own distinct powers, strengths, and backstories.
  • Dynamic Team-Up Attacks: Combine the powers of your heroes to unleash devastating team-up attacks against your enemies.
  • Immersive Storyline: Follow a gripping narrative through a dark and gritty campaign that reveals the truth behind the supervillain Operator Alpha’s horrific Enhancement Program.
  • Challenging Missions: Take on a variety of missions that test your tactical acumen and push your heroes to their limits.
  • Hero Progression: Level up your heroes, improve their abilities, and unlock new skills and powers as you progress through the game.
  • Side Missions: Complete side missions to gain more insights into your heroes’ pasts and further enhance their abilities.

Stay vigilant and follow Daedalic Entertainment’s X (formerly Twitter) and join the official Capes Discord for more updates.

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