Catapult your way to victory in physics-nased ‘Ye Olde World’ offering endless methods of destruction


Indie game developer and publisher Devpoint GmbH is proud to announce the worldwide release of Ye Olde World (YOW). In this physics-based action game, you control a powerful catapult to obliterate the enemy.

Exclusively available on PC and MacOS via STEAM™, Ye Olde World offers a fun and realistic gameplay experience in a medieval setting where you destroy enemy sieges and tear down their castles and palaces using a powerful arsenal of powerful projectiles.

Ye Olde World takes place in the Forgotten MedeLand, a functional yet evil society where trained castle dwellers, archers, heavy defenders, manufacturers, and builders roam the land looking to expand and destroy anyone trying to stop them; it is a land full of ghostly items, devilish mechanics, powerful magicians, evil telltales, and other foes that are up to no good. The game features procedurally generated environments and can be played as a single-player game or against an opponent.

The realistic physics is a treat for the eye, and while the intuitive controls are easy to learn, it takes practice to fully master. Understanding how each type of projectile affects the enemy and the environment is fun. You can lose yourself trying different angles and options as you fiddle with, shoot, watch, and spin the catapult for the perfect hit. The fly-with-projectile camera view option is incredible to watch and takes you hurling from release to impact.

Ye Olde World has different options depending on your choice of play, and the Training Mode is a great place to start before you take on your friends. In Training Mode, you can try different projectiles on different targets to learn which to use when you play. For each hit, you get varying points; with these, you can obtain a host of goodies such as shields, better projectiles, and other cool stuff.

There are 25 missions in the game; once you master those, you are faced with the final boss to destroy. You can even choose to fight against seemingly endless waves of flying balloons! For each wave you kill, they return more robust and more powerful, and only by mastering your catapult will you prevail.


  • Amazing Real-Time Physics.
  • Medieval Comic Style.
  • Gorgeous 3D Graphics.
  • 25 Missions.
  • Custom Maps.
  • Endless Methods Of Destruction
  • Top-View Fly Around

Ye Olde World is available via STEAM™

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