Dark Fantasy Game S.O.L Search of Light Launches Today for PC and Consoles


Publisher Firenut Games and developer Trigger the Monster are thrilled to announce the release of S.O.L Search of Light a steampunk / dark fantasy adventure game that also introduces resource management, narrative mechanics, and tower defense into the gameplay.

S.O.L Search of Light is available via digital stores today for PC via Steam, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch for £19.99GBP/$19.99USD/€19.99EUR with a limited-time 10% discount on Steam.

Play as The Foreigner, the enigmatic main character who must ascend through levels of the Underground to reveal the mysteries hidden on the surface. To achieve his goals, The Foreigner must rely solely on his ingenuity and the help of the domestic robots that work as assistants to the remaining inhabitants of the Underground.

By exploring the dark environment of the Underground, The Foreigner will discover new resources to fortify his village against the hordes of enemies that attack your base every ‘night’. Defend, improve, explore and discover the truth behind the mysteries of this dark narrative.

Features of S.O.L Search of Light

  • Tower-Defense – Hordes of enemies will attack your base, so you must use your domestic robots to help you gather resources to fortify and improve your base little by little.

  • Customisation – Improve and customise your character by using different resources and random objects that will discover by exploring the Underground. Each time you play will be a fresh gameplay experience.

  • Exploration – The Underground allows you to choose your own way as you hunt for resources to improve your base and your character. But be careful, as you will face different randomly generated puzzles, traps and enemies that stand between you and the valuable resources you need.

S.O.L Search of Light is out today for PC via SteamPlayStation and Nintendo Switch (US / EU / JP) for £19.99GBP/$19.99USD/€19.99EUR.

S.O.L Search of Light is developed by Trigger the Monster and published by Firenut Games. For more information, follow the official social channels X / YouTube

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