DayZ meets The Forest and Battlefield in ‘The Front’, Open World survival mayhem coming later this year


Samar Studio has announced The Front, a survival-open-world-crafting (SOC) shooter game coming to PC later this year. The studio has also released a first-look trailer for the game, and has debuted its Steam page, where interested players may add the title to their wishlists.

The Front takes place in a post-apocalyptic sandbox landscape populated with zombie-like mutants and hostile factions. In another reality, a tyrannical empire has conquered the world and is enacting a global “citizen” policy. Using monitoring devices, a ruthless will to kill, and advanced technology, the empire seeks to change mankind forever. Already stripped of their freedom, faith, and in many cases, life, humans are on the verge of finally losing that which they call home. The surviving members of humanity’s resistance are hoping to use time travel technology to return to the past and correct the course of history.

On this war-torn land, players will engage imperial forces, exiles, and rebels in an epic battle that will determine the fate of humanity. In their fight to rewrite the world’s fate, players will explore ruins and enemy areas, craft weapons and equipment, build bases, pilot vehicles, battle the elements, and contend with fearsome foes.

Danger lurks everywhere in The Front, and players will need to work together to survive. Building a base with adequate defenses is important, but friends can mean the difference between death and survival when exploring the world to scour for resources and crafting formulas — especially when fighting off waves of enemies.

Features and Gameplay

●    An open world 36km² in size featuring distinct biomes such as forests, snowlands, and deserts, each with its own resources and ecosystem
●    A realistic day/night cycle and ten different types of weather, including blizzards, fog, and thunderstorms
●    400+ tech formulas to learn
●    30 types of basic building modules and nearly 100 different functional components used to construct logical electrical systems, irrigation systems, automated defenses, and more
●    20+ kinds of defenses and traps used to protect bases from onslaughts, including crossbows, catapults, meat grinders, arrow walls, poison gas, shocking electrical devices
●    An arsenal of modern weapons customizable with attachments like sights, grips, and tactical flashlights
●    A wide array of land, air, and sea vehicles that can be augmented with additional armor and weapons
●    Ten distinct survival indices, including hunger, thirst, hypothermia, and infection
●    Formidable enemies with unique characteristics, such as high HP or the ability to self-detonate and unleash devastating toxic clouds

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