Demeo Now Available on PlayStation 5 and PS VR2, Dungeon-Delving Tactical Strategy Makes its Console Debut


Following its critically-acclaimed launch on both PC and VR devices, Resolution Games today unleashed the fun and excitement of Demeo’s fantasy tabletop strategy onto the PlayStation Store, inviting the more than 30 million PlayStation 5 owners around the world to join the epic adventure — as well as those looking for a fully-immersive tabletop gaming experience in the PlayStation VR2 games library at launch.

Available on home consoles for the first time, Demeo for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2 challenges players to survive across five unique turn-based strategy adventures, each exploring a different setting in the fantasy world of Gilmerra.

The game features classically styled solo and cooperative dungeon-crawling, as players build a four-character adventuring party from seven available hero types, then set out to explore corrupted lands while they battle monsters, leverage class-specific abilities, search for safe exit on their quest to uncover each adventure’s greatest evil — and discover the tactics that can lock it away for good.

“Bringing Demeo to the latest PlayStation hardware is a testament not only to how quickly the Demeo brand is growing, but to how wide and enduring an appeal that digital-first tabletop gaming experiences can have,” said Tommy Palm, Founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “We’re thrilled to be a part of the PlayStation VR2 launch line-up — but we’re just as excited to bring Demeo to PlayStation gamers who prefer the feel of a DualSense controller in their hands!”

PlayStation users will join the hundreds of thousands of existing players in Demeo’s community — and thanks to cross-platform support that enables play with Demeo adventurers on other devices including Meta Quest headsets, Steam PC and VR users, and PC players on the Epic Games Store, there’s never a shortage of new friends to make.

“We designed Demeo around the classic, social experience of gathering a group of friends around for tabletop game night as our touchstone,” added Palm. “And that goes well beyond aesthetic choices like dice and miniatures and seeing other players around the board. While it’s also a great single-player experience, we designed Demeo to foster communication and cooperation — making it a much-loved online alternative to in-person game nights.”

Intrepid adventurers who venture into the world of Demeo on PlayStation will find no shortage of tactical fantasy action, including:

  • Five complete adventures across dungeons, forests, deserts and towns
  • Seven playable classes: Guardian, Warlock, Sorcerer, Assassin, Hunter, Barbarian, and Bard
  • Play solo or cooperative online with up to four players
  • Cross-platform support to join the fun with Demeo’s existing player community
  • Randomized level creation means no two experiences are identical
  • A fully-realized combination of tabletop and digital dungeon crawling: Move miniatures, play action cards, and vanquish monsters with a roll of the die
  • Zoom in for a life-sized experience on the PS VR2 and watch every action unfold up close with a level of immersion that transcends traditional tabletop gaming

Demeo is available now on the PlayStation Store for $39.99, and is playable on both PS5 and PS VR2 — all with a single purchase. To learn more about Demeo and stay up to date with the community be sure to join the official Discord and follow Demeo on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube

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