Diablo meets League of Legends in PvE hero shooter Wardens Rising, announced for PC and Consoles


Big Moxi Games — a new Brazilian-American indie game developer, is proud to announce its debut game, the action-packed hero shooter Wardens Rising, which will be available in early 2024 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. The studio will attend gamescom 2023 to show off the game with hands-on gameplay sessions and developer interviews available.

Wardens Rising is an action-packed thrill ride, combining top-down hero shooter action and base defense concepts to deliver an experience unlike any other. With the fate of humanity at stake, you’ll choose from five Warden classes and dive into battle to fend off waves of invaders in the solo campaign or in online multiplayer co-op with up to four of your friends. Fortify your defenses and upgrade your character’s items and abilities to dominate hordes of enemies, take down bosses, and save humanity from the ultimate, interdimensional threat.

In each battle, you’ll lay waste to hundreds of enemies traveling inexorably down paths leading to vital energy cores you must defend using a mix of unique hero abilities and a customizable loadout of technology that includes a pet companion, cunning traps, walls, portals, and more. Between battles, you’ll unlock and upgrade new technology to become powerful enough to defend more challenging maps and invasions, progressing through the regions and taking on invasion bosses.

Key Features of Wardens Rising Include: 

  • Righteous Warrior: The fate of humanity is at stake. You’re the only one strong enough to take on the hordes of enemies. As a Warden hero, embark on a campaign to save humanity from an existential threat.

  • Smart Defense is the Best Offense: Tactical, on-the-fly positioning and building are vital to achieving glory against the otherwise daunting waves of enemy attacks.

  • Custom Tech Loadouts: Experiment with different combinations of technology to defend cores, including traps, towers, walls, portals, and more!

  • Procedural Content: Try your hand at co-op missions which pit up to four players against a new invasion every time. Do you have what it takes to beat missions on Godlike difficulty?

Wardens Rising will be released on Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store and Xbox and PlayStation consoles in 2024.

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