Disaster Band brings festive chaos in popular Co-Operative music game exclusively on Steam


Indie game publisher Toplitz Productions is proud to announce the worldwide release of Disaster Band on PC via STEAM™.

Developed by PRODUKTIVKELLER Studios and released via the SunDust LabelDisaster Band is a rhythm game that will get you hooked once you start playing. You can play solo or connect with your friends, pick a track, choose your instrument, and start playing away. Let’s get the party started!

Disaster Band has quickly become a popular game on STEAM™ with glowing user reviews and now it is your turn to try it out. With its intuitive control scheme, the game is easy to pick up, and you can play freely with all the instruments included on any given track. You can connect with your friends online and play together, perform together and party together. Or you may join total strangers for a jam session you will not forget! The better you get, the higher you will climb in the global rankings. Accept the challenge and rise to the top – or gain infamy as the ultimate Disaster Band.

There’s nothing wrong with playing wrong! With the creative freedom to play any note at any time, you can practice and improvise in absolutely every song while you explore the music. Practice makes Perfect. And of course, perfection pays off with higher scores. But where is the fun in that, right? With Disaster Band’s dynamic sound engine even playing the wrong notes leads to never-ending fun and entertainment and the fun never stops. With added STEAM™ Workshop support from the start, there is no end to your (not so) musical journey. Create your own tracks and share them with the community of other Disaster Bands on their way to greatness. Or import other players’ songs to get into a new groove in the practice room as well as on the worldwide stage. It is your time to shine!


  • Online-Multiplayer for up to 4 players: If you are host or joining the party, if you play with friends or strangers: the low latency connection makes sure that more players mean more fun
  • Intuitive controls with mouse or gamepad – Precise, direct, and effortless: Disaster Band makes sure, that absolutely everybody can enjoy their way to musical success
  • STEAM™ Workshop support – Create your own tracks (via MIDI) and share them with the Disaster Band community. Or download new songs.
  • Global and local leaderboards – Play solo or with a full band and rise to the top of the high score lists. Prove that your band isn’t a disaster.
  • 4 instruments to choose – Experience the songs like never before: With violin, violoncello, trombone and flute every track will become an adventure.

Disaster Band is available via STEAM™

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