Distant Worlds 2: Ikkuro & Dhayut factions DLC is now out


If you hate video games where everything is already decided before you even start playing, you should try the new Distant Worlds 2 DLC.

It’s the first in the new Factions series – which introduces two new races to explore and conquer the galaxy with, in increasingly personal, differing ways. Called the Ikkuro & Dhayutthese two new civilisations will be introduced by the first Factions DLC, making Distant Worlds 2 – the 4X sci-fi game released by Slitherine and Code Force exactly a year ago, in March 2022 – even more alive, original and unique.

On the one hand, we have the Ikkuro: peaceful, respectful of life in all its forms and with a mission to transform the cold and inhospitable expanse of outer space into a home for all the races in the galaxy. Other races consider their form of government to be utopian, but naive, because it puts the happiness of the Ikkuro’s citizens first.

On the other hand, the perfidious and suspicious Dhayut are dominated by a desire to subjugate other races. A dark empire, where paranoia and “might makes right” rules. Every Dhayut sorrowfully remembers the distant age when they reigned over every corner of the cosmos with an iron fist. They are keenly aware of the fall of their undisputed supremacy due to the Cataclysm. Now, artefacts which survived the collapse of their perfect but merciless civilisation form a source of inspiration to create a new, stronger empire. But be warned: no Dhayut trusts any other race.

Not just a DLC: Just two weeks ago, Slitherine and Code Force released the most extensive free Distant Worlds 2 update, the Aurora Update, which improves gameplay based on feedback from the player community. If you’ve only played Distant Worlds 2 in the weeks following the launch of the game in March 2022, we invite you to try it again. We hope you discover an even more majestic, consolidated and fun 4X.

The heart of Distant Worlds 2 is its ‘living galaxy’ which changes with each game, always offering players new stimuli. Distant Worlds 2 isn’t just one story, but thousands. Players build an epic sci-fi story of conquest and exploration with each new game, choosing the ‘character’ of their spatial domain, almost like a role-playing game. There are seven playable factions in the basic game: from the xenophobic Haakonish, who are dedicated to intergalactic commerce, to the Ackardians, who are specialised in the industrialisation of their aquatic worlds. In the first Factions DLC, will you play a ruthless Dhayut in search of bloody revenge, ready to trample on every form of life which opposes them? Or a peaceful Ikkuro, eager to build a peaceful, luxurious intergalactic Eden?


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