Don’t lose your mind! Daedalic Entertainment and Vixa Games will push you to the Edge of Sanity this year

Explore the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska during the Cold War in a Lovecraftian survival horror adventure


Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Vixa Games are thrilled to announce that they have joined forces to bring the survival horror adventure Edge of Sanity to life.

Inspired by the stories of cult-author H. P. Lovecraft, the game combines an intense atmosphere with a unique 2D art style and throws players into the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska during the Cold War.

Edge of Sanity is a survival horror adventure that takes players on numerous story-filled expeditions in the nightmarish wilderness of Alaska during the Cold War. Explore the unexplainable but don´t lose your sanity, while trying to scrounge up food and supplies to survive another day in a remote mountain valley. Protect yourself from vicious Lovecraftian beasts with anything you can find. Try to uncover the secrets of the mysterious local cult, find out what happened to a missing crew of scientists and hang on to your humanity.

Key features:

  • A  unique 2D art style with a dark and intense atmosphere inspired by H. P. Lovecraft
  • Complex base management: Gather resources and food to survive the nights in a remote mountain valley
  • Fight for your life: Learn the weaknesses of the fierce, horrific beasts and impair their senses
  • Story-rich expeditions: Explore the mysteries of local cults and the Thurul Stone
  • Keep your sanity, while inspecting abandoned laboratories to uncover the truth about the missing scientists

Edge of Sanity will be released on Steam in 2023. More information can be found on the Vixa Games website and on Steam

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