Entrap and eliminate in Quantum: Recharged, now on PC and Console from Atari


Today, Atari® — one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — announced the launch of its latest arcade game reimagining, Quantum: Recharged.

Available now on PC and consoles, Quantum: Recharged is a neon-fueled feat in nostalgic reimaginings, embellished with modern touches and contemporary gameplay updates. Four decades following its arcade release, the Recharged version of Quantum stays true to the classic gameplay and enhances it with an extended range of formidable adversaries and power-up perks to level the particle-based playing field.

In Quantum: Recharged, players pilot a probe that must encircle and destroy atomic particles with its tail. The particles swarm in unpredictable waves, and hitting one will damage your hull. Too many hits and your probe will be destroyed. With no cannons, lasers, or missiles to eliminate these microscopic foes, Quantum: Recharged presents players with the trial of evading harm and advancing through progressively challenging stages by honing their mastery over their ship’s agility.

An intriguing mix of high-energy and hypnotic gameplay, Quantum: Recharged presents a visually stunning spectacle paired with a lively, high-tempo musical score by acclaimed composer and recording artist Megan McDuffie.

Key Features of Quantum: Recharged:
  • What’s Old is New: Use modernized movesets and powerups to avoid deadly laser attacks from Quarks and stalking Neutrons as you streak across the high-flying battlefield
  • Mode Madness: Two modes of gameplay — Challenge Mode and Arcade Mode — encourage you to either duke it out across 25 unique levels or just survive as long as you can against progressively dangerous waves of enemies
  • Power-Ups: Even the odds with randomly spawning perks like unlimited dodges, enemy freezing abilities, and extra life nodes. One powerup might turn the tide of battle, but multiple will pack a serious punch!
  • Co-Op and Leaderboards: Cover more ground with a friend across all modes of play to strategically clear out enemies in tandem and compete in global leaderboards in both Arcade and Challenge modes

The original Quantum arcade game was designed by the American game designer, programmer, and Harvard graduate Betty Ryan. The programming for the trackball controls of the arcade game, which was loosely based on quantum physics, was incredibly complex. The resulting game, where the player directs a probe to encircle atomic particles and destroy them for points, remains popular among arcade cabinet collectors.

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Quantum: Recharged is now available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Atari VCS, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. To learn more, visit the official website.

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