Feature-packed ‘2023 Update’ to grand strategy & RPG game ‘4th Generation Warfare’ now available on PC


Indie game developer and publisher Eversim specialized in strategy and simulation games is proud to announce the worldwide release of a major 2023 update to their grand strategy and RPG game, 4th Generation Warfare.

Available exclusively on PC via STEAM™ and directly from the developer’s website, the new content update offers additional features, corrections, and improvements with the inclusion of an entirely new scoring system.

4th Generation Warfare simulates warfare in the 21st century, which, in addition to the direct opposition of military forces, now includes espionage, international politics, cyberwarfare, media manipulation, and trade wars.

4th Generation Warfare challenges you as the leader of a nation to dispatch and control your agents all around the world to destabilize your enemies and establish your supremacy. All methods are fair game: hacking, sabotage, political interference, military strikes, corruption, assassinations, energy domination, data theft… The game combines strategy with the functions of a role-playing game in single- or multi-player modes. The new 2023 version offers additional features, corrections, and improvements, but most of all, an entirely new scoring system. In response to players request, the game has now a score calculation which is much clearer and makes it more predictable for the player: it features a better balance between the different categories of scores but also allows gains and losses to always be based on the direct actions of the player. What’s more, certain rules regarding score gains have been modified to favor the most strategic decisions.

In celebration of the new release, the developer is putting on sale a promotional bundle called the Expert Bundle, which includes the full game and four DLCs released in 2022. 

Deep Network Analyser (DLC): 
With the Deep Network Analyzer expansion, reveal all the global secrets, networks, and hidden information in 4th Generation Warfare! With this integrated game tool, you will not only have access to a huge amount of information, but you will also be able to modify it, add to it or delete it.

Trafficker (DLC): 
The trafficker character is a new character class that allows you to discreetly make all kinds of illicit transactions: buying weapons, military equipment, or various objects, forging papers, information about scandals, putting you in touch with other criminals… 

Mercenaries (DLC): 
Employ mercenary groups to fortify your national armed forces with battle-hardened professionals. You can also carry out “unofficial” military operations without being held directly responsible by international bodies. But be careful: if you are discovered to be the one giving the orders, it could be disastrous for you. Violent and feared by all, mercenaries are highly effective in combat. They are equipped with air transport and armored vehicles.

Commando Unit (DLC): 
With the commando unit, launch special missions: exfiltration, sabotage, lightning attacks, infiltration into enemy territory and defense of sensitive sites. To lead these missions well, they will have special equipment and vehicles: Chinook, combat Zodiac, fast 4×4 jeeps, smoke grenades, mines…

4th Generation Warfare is available via STEAM™
Expert Bundle (4th Generation Warfare + all available DLCs)

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