Get Your Grove On In 70s Inspired Platform Adventure ‘Hook&Loop” Full Of Fluffiness And Bizarre Characters On PC


Indie game developer and publisher fkn electric studio is inviting players of all ages and experience levels to get their grove on and to try out the fluffiest game on STEAM™, Hook&Loop, a very hard, cool and unique 3D platform-adventure featuring 70s inspired characters and music in a different type of environment where everything sticks to your hero!

Hook&Loop is available via STEAM™

Hook&Loop challenges you to play as HookGUY in a fun adventure where your task is to rescue the love of your life, LoopGIRL, from the evil clutches of COTTO, who is a big, bad, and jealous piece of cotton. COTTO, the villain he is, kidnapped her from the street on a bright sunny day when HookGUY was on his way to work in the local record store, and she was casually tagging along. Now, to reunite the two love birds, you must make your way through CottonLAND by dodging and avoiding all the FluffyPEOPLE trying to slow you down!

Hook&Loop is a beautiful game that will stick to your heart! Your protagonist is a very special guy, a piece of cloth, a kind of Velcro, made up of little hooks, and like Midas transforms everything into gold, HookGUY sticks everywhere, and to everyone, he comes across on his way to rescue LoopGIRL. With peculiar mechanics, you need to dodge the citizens of CottonLAND and avoid getting stuck. When you bump into a character you will slow down, and when enough characters are stuck to your hero at the same time, it’s game over, and you will need to restart from the last checkpoint. The levels become increasingly harder the further you progress, with more obstacles, more characters, and more elements to dodge and avoid. Accompanied by a unique 70s vibe, look-and-feel, the game offers a fun and special gameplay experience like no other to brothers and sisters everywhere.

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