Hack the World in DROP – System Breach, Coming to Steam


Get ready to log into a clandestine world of circuitry and wires hidden just under surface with DROP – System Breach, coming to Steam on March 28th from Etherfield Studio and MicroProse Software.

In a future where the web has been broken into a sea of separate highly guarded networks, you are a fresh hacker on the scene with a brand new deck and something to prove. Work your way into procedurally generated systems, pull them apart machine by machine, and get the job done, all while fending off the network’s attempt to trace you down and force you out. Make your money and a name for yourself in the underground hacking community, where no one can be trusted and there are hats of every shade.

Any aspiring hacker looking to set themselves apart from the script kiddies out there will be able to access DROP – System Breach on March 28th when it launches on Steam, so make sure to add it to your wishlist now.

About DROP – System Breach

The future is disconnected. The world has recoiled and fractured into countless digital enclaves and virtual fortresses in an era of digital isolation, suspicion, and espionage. In this world, there’s only one truth: hackers get fame, money, and dead if they’re not careful.

You are a promising hacker with huge ambitions, an empty bank account, and the burning desire to prove yourself. When your actions attract the attention of a notorious hacker group, The Swarm, life gets complicated – real quick.

Key Features:

  • Hack networks to gain respect and notoriety within the community.
  • Find solutions to complex puzzles.
  • Work against time, firewalls, and other nerve-racking hazards to get paid.
  • Procedurally generated side quests offer unlimited playtime.
  • Play an unfolding story campaign through unique missions. Explore the opportunities offered by the numerous factions with their agendas and assignments.
  • Intense gameplay is controlled through an elegantly-simple keyboard or gamepad configuration.


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