Have a Nice Death reveals new Gameplay Overview Trailer


New Trailer Covers All the Basics You Need to Know to Be the Underworld’s Best Boss. Darkly charming roguelike launches March 22 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

What’s this trailer about?

Revealed during the Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) Direct Showcase earlier today, the Gameplay Overview trailer shares everything new players should know about Have a Nice Death before they jump into the darkly charming roguelike on March 22.

What are the top 8 things new players should know about Have a Nice Death

  1. For starters… Have a Nice Death is a 2D action roguelike where you play as Death, Founder and CEO of Death Incorporated, the giant underworld organization responsible for processing
    souls in the afterlife.
  2. Your mission as Death Inc. CEO: Hack’n’scythe your way through all the departments of Death Incorporated…and set the company back in order so you can say no to burnout and get on with your vacation plans!
  3. Departments change each playthrough: Each department (world) in Have a Nice Death is not only darkly charming, they’re also procedurally-generated with each floor bringing a wide variety of options – making every playthrough attempt fresh and exciting like a nice cup of Death Inc. koffee.
  4. You have many tools of the trade to choose from: With 70 weapons and spells at your disposal, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tool to get out of control departments back to work and accomplish your mission.
  5. Dying has its benefits: After each attempt, you’ll get performance review that will grant you ingots (gold money!) that you can use to unlock unique weapons, items and upgrades that will help you progress on your journey.
  6. There’s more than one difficulty option: Aside from the default difficulty mode, “Imminent Breakdown”, there’s a beginner-friendly mode, “Self-Fulfillment” along with 15 Breakdown difficulty modes to challenge yourself with and become the ultimate CEO.
  7. Being CEO has its perks: Running Death Incorporated is a challenging endeavor, but luckily you have a plethora of useful perks:
    1. Getting powerful curses: You can give yourself helpful curses that grant you permanent passive bonuses or buffs… some curses only come with downsides every once in a while.
    2. Signing contracts: Before you head out and get to work, you can accept special contracts that grant you challenges to complete and instant bonuses, such as a new weapon or spell to use in your run.
    3. Shopping and upgrading (till you drop!): In-between runs, you can get new items and weapons from the Shop and upgrade weapons at the Forge – and when you return to your office, you can even get new decorations from Muriel the Reverent.

Last but not least: Don your cloak, grab your scythe, and get ready to…Have a Nice Death!

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