Introducing Soul’s Spectrum: Awakening – A Free Prequel Releases on September 29th, 2023


Ravenage Games and Thund Games are thrilled to announce the release of Soul’s Spectrum: Awakening, a free prequel to Soul’s Spectrum. Offering players an enriching experience full of mysteries and challenges, this game promises to redefine how we think about life, death, and the in-betweens.

A Tale Where Death is Just the Beginning

Death in Soul’s Spectrum: Awakening is not an end, but a transformative journey. Each time your character, Nora, meets her demise, she undergoes a change, acquiring new forms and abilities. Will you be able to use this unique mechanic to your advantage, unlocking the full scope of your character’s potential?

Game Features

Death Mechanic:

Master the game’s mechanics as death transforms Nora, allowing you to assume one of four distinct forms.

Puzzles and Riddles:

Engage in a variety of puzzles, using Nora’s transformations into Human, Skeleton, Umbra, and Anima to navigate through complex challenges.

Unique Encounters:

Meet bizarre characters, solve mysteries, and evade deadly traps in an adventure like no other.

Riveting Storyline:

Be prepared for unexpected twists and revelations as you make choices that influence the unfolding events.

Original 16-bit Soundtrack:

Let the enthralling musical scores by Javarnanda mesmerize you, as the music shifts dynamically with Nora’s transformations.

The Road to the Main Game

Soul’s Spectrum: Awakening provides a compelling introduction to the full game, shedding light on the mysterious events that unfold. The choices you make and the paths you take will leave you eager to delve into the full version of Soul’s Spectrum, promising a more expansive and intricate journey.


Soul’s Spectrum: Awakening is available for free download starting from September 29, 2023. Be the first to embark on this incredible journey and unlock the secrets that lie within!

Embrace your destiny in Soul’s Spectrum: Awakening. Will you escape eternal confinement and find your freedom?

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