KeokeN launches crowdfunding for Deliver Us Home to rise from ashes

KeokeN Interactive rises from the ashes with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for ‘Deliver Us Home’, the third instalment in the ‘Deliver Us’ Series.


Today, KeokeN Interactive has launched their crowdfunding campaign for Deliver Us Home, the anticipated third instalment in the Deliver Us series.

Deliver Us Home, a solitary sci-fi experience where a lone astronaut seeks to secure a new home for humanity, immerses players in an atmospheric adventure fraught with mystery. After its teaser premiered last weekend during the Future Games Show, the kickstarter page is now live.

KeokeN founders and directors Koen and Paul Deetman call for aid from their community and network. With a funding target of €100.000, the Kickstarter campaign enables them to regain momentum on Deliver Us Home and rebuild their studio from the ashes.

Taking matters into our own hands after years of pitching feels very liberating,” explains Koen Deetman, “and it has motivated us to work extremely hard over the past few weeks. Creativity spiked to an all-time high and we’ve been running on all cylinders to orchestrate the campaign, the trailer, and the demo that backers get to play. It truly is a token of our love and dedication to the craft of making video games.

The campaign comes at a time of great turmoil within the industry, the effects of which have profoundly impacted KeokeN. “It’s an arduous task to create both a crowdfunding campaign and a demo with the skeletest of skeleton crews, whilst simultaneously helping our former friends and colleagues find new places to work,” says Paul Deetman.

Still, Deliver Us Home marks a return to the very roots of the series that the brothers are excited to share with both new and returning fans. “The game emphasises mystery, majestic desolation, the thrill of the unknown, and awe-inspiring moments,” they elaborate. “Combined with our vision for more player agency and a widely linear approach, players are in for a unique adventure. And at the same time, the campaign forms the foundation for how we can shape KeokeN’s future with a very lean and experienced studio, better suited for a sustainable future as an independent developer.”

The kickstarter campaign runs for 30 days to hit its target of €100.000 before its conclusion on Thursday July 11, 2024.

About Deliver Us Home
It’s the 23rd century. Humanity has long ago evacuated the wasteland that is planet Earth. You, a descendant of the evacuees, have been trained relentlessly to become an interplanetary astronaut. Sent out into the endless void of space, your mission statement is as simple as it is impossible: secure a new, permanent home for humanity.

After a long journey, you approach your designated planet. Though you’ve prepared for the unexpected, there’s no telling what lies in store for you on the surface. Survive the unknown, explore the desolation, and break ground for humanity’s new home as you uncover the secrets of mysterious settlers that – somehow – arrived here long before you did.

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