Magical anime strategy RPG “Affogato” set to release this August 17th on Steam


Spiral Up Games is thrilled to announce the official release of Affogato on August 17th, 2023.

Offering 30 uniquely designed ‘reverse tower defense’ battle stages and a strategic arsenal of distinct Witch Cards, alongside engaging storylines that involve honing your barista skills, the game contains more than 10 hours of fun and dynamic gameplay.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of a city of eternal night, Affogato promises a unique gaming experience that is aesthetically brought to life with stunning anime-style visuals. Step into the captivating narrative of a sorceress managing her café and master the intricate art of coffee brewing. Form meaningful bonds with diverse customers, enter their minds to defeat their inner demons, and strategize battles using an array of unique Witch Cards. Embrace your destiny and set forth on your path to become the sorceress who brings light to Arorua’s eternal night.

Key Features

Innovative Reverse Tower Defense Gameplay – Embark on a unique journey into the minds of your customers and engage in strategic ‘reverse tower defense’ battles against their inner demons. With ever-changing landscapes and tactical demands, each stage promises a thrilling and fresh experience.

Collect Powerful Witch Cards: Assemble a dynamic roster of unique Witch Cards, your trusted allies in battles. Each card boasts its own unique abilities and powers, allowing you to craft your ideal team and strategically overcome every challenge.

Forge Special Friendships by Helping Your Customers: Build meaningful relationships with customers from all walks of life. Listen to their stories, help them resolve their inner conflicts, and become the approachable sorceress you aspire to be.

Master the Art of Coffee Making – Beyond your sorceress persona, hone your skills as a professional barista, perfecting a wide range of coffee recipes. Uncover hidden dialogues and storylines by catering to your customers’ preferences and serving the perfect brew.

Discover Unique Side Quests in the City: The eternal night city of Arorua is teeming with side quests that add depth to the main storyline. Venture beyond the café and immerse yourself in the bustling city life. Every corner holds a potential story waiting to be discovered.

Shape Your Own Adventure – In Affogato, how you spend your time truly matters. Be it mastering the art of coffee brewing, or nurturing relationships with your customers, each choice will shape your adventure!

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