Meet “Untamed Tactics”: A Riveting New Adventure from the Creators of Untamed Feral Factions is out!


Ravenage Games and Grumpy Owl Games are thrilled to present Untamed Tactics, a mesmerizing turn-based RPG adventure set amidst a diverse world teeming with vibrant animals. The game is available on Steam and GOG.

Step into the shoes of Greycoat, a tarnished warrior driven by a quest for redemption and deliverance from a shadowy history. Embark on a monumental voyage across the treacherous, yet awe-inspiring realm of the Wild!

In Untamed Tactics, the art of customization is pivotal. Adorn your heroes with exclusive Runes and Abilities, and play with various blends of skills, tactics, and strengths to conquer challenges and reign supreme. The vast Wilds beckon, offering a treasure trove of loot, fresh characters to discover, and lasting upgrades to bolster your subsequent endeavors. Steel yourself for an unrivaled escapade in the Wild!

Untamed Tactics promises players:

  • A narrator whose credibility might raise eyebrows.
  • 4 narrative-dense campaign segments.
  • A highly replayable adventure mode, empowering you to handpick your adventure party.
  • A vividly illustrated 2D universe brimming with a charming assortment of anthropomorphic animal comrades.
  • An officially licensed Humblewood DLС: 5 character skins, music pack, reskinned parley cards, and an 100%-official D&D campaign!


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