Metric Empire’s “Battle Shapers” Offers a Fast-Paced Roguelite FPS with a Classic Twist


Metric Empire, a new game studio founded by former Ubisoft directors Nicholas Routhier and Pier-Luc Papineau, is excited to announce their first title Battle Shapers will be coming to Early Access for Windows PCs in 2023.

Battle Shapers is a fast-paced roguelite first-person shooter that pits the player against an army of corrupt robots and their powerful Overlords that have taken over your beloved city.

Battle Shapers debuted during the Future Game Show event on March 23, 2023. For more details on Future Game Show, please visit GamesRadar’s website here.

Reactivated for a final mission, you play as Ada, a spirited android who must rise to reclaim the future of her city, New Elysium, from cunning and sometimes obnoxious Overlords and their swarms of corrupt robots. Wielding an arsenal of futuristic weapons, abilities, and game-changing powers stolen from the Overlord themselves, you will shoot and smash your way through their trap-ridden towers.
Taking down these ruthless Overlords will prove to be no easy task – as you face them, they will adapt and evolve, changing the challenges of their towers and putting your skills to the ultimate test. Learn to turn the Overlord’s unique powers against them as you hone your skills and abilities against hordes of robotic enemies determined to overrun the city and defeat Ada once and for all.
  • FIGHT LASER WITH LASER – Gun down hordes of cunning enemy machines with relentless risk-taking, and bot-busting close-range warfare in which every kill fuels your combat capabilities. Learn to adapt to the Overlords’ dangerous attacks and retaliations that are thrown at you every step of the way.
  • COMBAT IS ONLY HALF THE BATTLE – Unlock new weapons, abilities and talents to permanently increase your survivability and combat potential with every run. Each tower promises different hidden upgrades and weapons to strengthen your journey further.
  • BUILD YOUR ‘CORE’ STRENGTH – Acquire fallen Overlords’ powers and watch as they change not just your abilities, but your appearance and gameplay. As your powers grow and change, be careful—with every defeated Overlord, Ada’s path becomes more and more difficult.


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