New trailer, ‘Resistance’ for “For The King II”


Curve Games and IronOak Games are thrilled to unveil a new trailer, ‘Resistance’ for For The King II, the highly-anticipated sequel to the successful multi-million selling franchise.

In the new trailer, fans will see the reveal of:

  • ‘Landboats’- for the first time, players will be able to travel together in the overworld within these vehicles.
  • ‘Mercenaries and Pets’ – brand new to the series, players will be able to recruit characters and animals to join their party and fight alongside them.
  • ‘Scourges’ – the return of the Scourge system from For The King, with the trailer introducing a newly imagined ‘Hangman’ in the stunning new art style.

Inspired by tabletop adventures, For The King II builds on the hugely popular and successful original game’s challenging blend of strategy, turn-based combat, and roguelike elements to create an epic new experience that includes the most requested fan feature by far: four player co-op!

The game is scheduled for release on Steam in 2023.

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