Nightmares become reality in zombie infested ‘BAD DREAMS’ apreading its horror on PC-VR compatible devices


Indie game developer and publisher CREATIVE VR3D is proud to announce a special promotion and update to their zombie-infested BAD DREAMS horror game available in Early Access via STEAM™.

Full of terror and torment, this VR-exclusive game offers outstanding innovative gameplay based on natural gestures and promises that you will never be the same again! You wake up on an idyllic white sandy beach. A light breeze makes you shiver as the sun sets on the horizon. After a peaceful walk along the beach, you discover a vast dark bunker gate, which opens as you approach, inviting you to come in.

Your curiosity takes over, and you explore the place, revealing a vast underground complex. But what started as a perfect dream quickly becomes bad when you realize you’re not alone. What happens next will challenge your sanity and determine your fate …

BAD DREAMS challenges you to find your way out from the underground complex as you fight to survive, explore the environment, solve complex puzzles, and discover how to utilize the weapons at your disposal. The game offers a unique VR experience putting all your senses to the test: look, listen, smell, touch, and run around… A word of caution … evil is lurking, a strange evil that can’t be silenced without taking your head with both hands… Use your VR controllers like never before. Pinch your nose to avoid deadly gas and cover your ears to save your spirit from the madness! Please pay special attention to your sanity gauge and keep it as low as possible. Your madness wristband will notify you of your sanity level as you fight hordes of zombies, mutants, and other atrocities that haunt you throughout the game. Fortunately for you, there is a wide choice of weapons to kill, maim, and burn the monsters to save your life.

BAD DREAMS currently offers four complete levels, two of which are divided into separate parts. You can use a flashlight or matches to explore the dark underground network as you progress and remember to crouch and be silent to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Pray to take the good path or die and try again. You will often come across puzzles that need to be solved to continue. Some are simple to solve, while others require quick thinking and fast reaction when you are under attack, and the creatures are roaring behind you.

The updated version just released patches some known technical issues and expands the game by offering support for three new languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. In addition, new accessibility options have been added, such as quality setting, grip type, speed rotation, and more. A few surprises have also found their way to the new update, but you must play to experience these for yourself. The game is compatible with Oculus® Rift and Oculus® Rift S, and HTC® Vive.

BAD DREAMS is available via STEAM™
A multiplayer option is currently in development, and the game will also launch on PlayStation® PS-VR on a later date. 

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