Nostalgia Inspired Visual Novel ‘ghostpia’ Coming to Nintendo Switch


PQube are excited to announce that nostalgia-inspired visual novel ‘ghostpia’ is releasing on Nintendo Switch May 23rd!

“In my dreams, I can get out. In my dreams, I can fit in”

‘ghostpia’ is a unique ghost story that follows Sayoko, a forgetful ghost struggling to recall her past and her purpose. With a unique and nostalgic art style, with a linear story, ‘ghostpia’ is full of the mysteries in Sayoko’s forgotten memories.​

  • Linear Narrative – ‘ghostpia’ is designed for you to sit back and sink into the storyline, enjoying it like a movie
  • Dark Humour – with death pointless in the face of unending resurrection, any annoying character can get thrown out of a window if they push the girls just a little too far
  • Unexpected Twists – despite ghostpia’s gentle music and soft aesthetic, the story is shockingly brutal; even with static artwork, perspectives shift rapidly, unfolding dramatic truths one after another
  • Eclectic Characters – Sayoko and her friends are all strange and different, each unique in their own weird way, yet somehow perfect for each other
  • Soft nostalgia-inspired illustrations – the hand-drawn style of art brings to life the soft, isolated atmosphere of the snowy town, designed to make you feel lost in nostalgia
  • Coming West for the First Time – Originally released on mobile and web browsers only in Japan, now with new music, higher resolution illustrations and more complex animations
  • Preorders available on the eShop from April 29th, 2023 with 10% preorder discount
  • ‘ghostpia’ is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 23rd!

‘ghostpia’ combines multiple varying themes to tell a intense and compelling story.

Experience a story of friendship between multiple relatable character stuck in a strange world where nothing is as it seems. Uncover their history and understand their motivations in this mysterious town.

However, with Sayoko’s memory in pieces, she can only remember snippets of her interactions with others. What had she done in the past, and why does the entire town seem to avoid her?

Sayoko’s past will be unveiled over time, with graphic and seemingly unbelievable fragments of her memory being revealed. Solve the psychological puzzle of ‘ghostpia’, and the strange way things work in this odd town.


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