Pharaoh: A New Era, remake of beloved classic city builder, launches today on PC

Full remake of genre-defining classic city builder Pharaoh: A New Era begins its rule on PC today, welcomes veteran and novice leaders alike with overview trailer


Publisher Dotemu and developer Triskell Interactive today announced that Pharaoh: A New Era, a comprehensive remake of one of the most beloved city builders of all time, is now available on PC via Steam for €22,99. Swift planners can secure their future at a 15 percent launch discount by purchasing Pharaoh: A New Era before February 28th.

The wisest pharaohs will seek guidance from today’s launch trailer before beginning their civilizations, observing the challenges and rewards awaiting in Pharaoh: A New Era’s faithful modernization of the original 1999 city builder as well as its 2000 expansion, Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

The remake’s enhancements are informed by Triskell Interactive’s devotion to historical accuracy, supported through close work with a certified Egyptologist to ensure the game’s depiction of ancient Egypt is as authentic as possible. See how Pharaoh: A New Era’s gorgeous 4K visuals bring four millennia of Egyptian history to life across more than 50 rewarding missions in the new video

Pharaoh: A New Era introduces several new features and quality of life adjustments which subtly improve its city building experience, making the development, planning and management of bustling settlements feel intuitive. The changes grant pharaohs greater visibility and control over their subjects, making Pharaoh: A New Era the definitive way to enjoy the acclaimed series.

Pharaoh: A New Era features:

  • A Fortune of Fun: Lead your people through a rich 100+ hour campaign, or unwind and build the metropolis of your dreams in a Free Build mode.
  • Breathtaking Views: Marvel at the beauty of budding settlements and lively cities sprawling across the Egyptian sands, brought to life through fully reworked, intricate art.
  • Modern Refinements: Overhauled menus, a refreshed UI and various adjustments make Pharaoh: A New Era’s classically inspired fun feel like second nature to play.
  • A Fully Rerecorded Soundtrack: Take in stirring recreations of the original soundtrack’s melodies, rearranged and performed with traditional oriental instruments.

For a deeper understanding of Pharaoh: A New Era’s enthralling challenge of leadership, delve into the vital components behind the rise of any great city outlined in this video tutorial.

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