Play classics how their creators wanted to with Goody or Livingstone, I Presume in the new generation with Retro Golden Age


Zerouno Games is incredibly excited to present you the first three games coming under the Retro Golden Age label that will be released this March.

GoodyOperation Alexandra and Livingstone, I Presume, are the first exponents of this label that wants to bring the games of the past to the new generations as they were conceived by their creators, without altering their essence in extremely challenging adventures… but also other gems created in more modern times, but destined for older systems.

All three games will be available as a bundle named Boomer Pack priced at €14.99 or €5.99 separately on Friday 31 March on the PC|Steam platform.


Eighties action, platform and puzzle game original from the SPECTRUM console, puts you in the shoes of an expert bank robber in an updated version for Steam with improvements such as saving, filters and screen configuration and achievements with the best Spanish hits.

Livingstone, I Presume

David Livingstone, a famous English missionary and explorer, went to Africa on a health and mapping mission to establish the Zambeza and Nile river basins, when he disappeared…

But after several years without news of him, the New York Herald newspaper sent the British explorer and journalist Henry Morton Stanley in search of him. His starting point: Zanzibar, the last place he was seen alive.

Operation Alexandra

Arcade videogame set inside an abandoned military base in Alexandra Land, inside the Arctic Circle, inhabited by unknown beings.

Our protagonist must use his skills to fight enemies and his intelligence to advance to the depths of the base and unravel the mysteries it hides.

Retro Golden Age

Travel back to the golden age of Spanish videogame development with the possibilities of the current generation. Relive the original adventures adapted to today’s desktops and laptops.

In an age of ambitious games, of an infinity of genres, of massive multiplayer, or of night cities as dark as vibrant, Retro Golden Age takes us back to the roots of Spanish videogames, to the action and adventure games of much earlier generations.


  • Game from the original studio
  • Screen aspects
  • Game filters
  • Save games
  • Rewind
  • Original instruction manual
  • Original material
  • Development notes
  • Trophies
  • Steam

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