Prepare for boarding in This Means Warp’s biggest ever update


Jagex and Outlier Games are launching Update 4, the biggest update yet to their co-op space survival game This Means Warp, today. Players will be able to board other vessels, strengthen their own ships with modifications and gain access to a variety of cosmetics for their space pioneer.

This Means Warp is a co-op survival game that sees players team up to battle their way through a procedurally generated hostile galaxy while trying to keep their ship in one piece.

Update 4 will add one of the top community-requested features to the game, a Teleporter system, allowing for ship-to-ship boarding for the first time so players can cause havoc on enemy ships during combat. This update will also add new cosmetics to the game so players can outfit their space pioneer with even more accessories and hats, as well as an overhaul to the Ship Mod system which will also allow players to install new mods to increase their ship’s damage.

Lastly, there are lots more improvements in store including improved AI, a balance overhaul, new mods, weapons and missions.

This Means Warp key features: 

  • A unique experience every time: each attempt to traverse the map will be different and offer new and exciting experiences due to the procedurally generated galaxy.
  • Strategic, real-time battles: players will have to think on their feet when facing foes in hectic battles and trying to stop their ship from falling apart.
  • Local and online co-op: Players can trek through the stars with AI crew mates or unite with up to three friends.

This Means Warp is currently available in Early Access on Steam for £16.75/$19.99/€19.50 and for more information about Jagex Partners visit the official site, Twitter, and Instagram. For more information on Outlier Games visit the official website.

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