Protect the planet from alien monsters! 8-Colors Star Guardians + is landing on Nintendo Switch


Flynn’s Arcade is happy to announce 8-Colors Star Guardians +, developed from the video game studio @DerMondhase. 

It is a choose boss RPG, alien monsters have invaded Earth! It’s up to the Star Guardiansa dysfunctional group of heroines, to protect the planet.

8-Colors Star Guardians + will be launched next January 11th on Nintendo Switch.

Alien monsters have invaded Earth! It’s up to the Star Guardians, a dysfunctional group of heroines, to protect the planet and awkwardly save the day (yet again)! Fight evil with pixelated style, in this turn-based, choose-your-boss-path game made with just 8 colors!


  • Story Mode Chapter 2: One year after the end of Chapter 1, fight through a gauntlet of deadly ensembles of monsters, find the truth behind the mysterious White Guardian, and bring back peace to the planet once more!
  • Unlockable costumes for all characters, obtained by clearing Story and Arcade mode
  • Improved settings and user interface
  • Full joypad support. The game can still be played with a mouse in its entirety for additional accessibility.

Some data:

  • Nintendo US eShop: LINK
  • Nintendo EU eShop: LINK
  • Nintendo Japan eShop: LINK
  • Developer:  @DerMondhase
  • Publisher: Flynn’s Arcade
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch  (America & Europe & Japan & Korea & Hong Kong)
  • Release date: 11/01/2024
  • Price: 4,99€/$, 4,99£ (20% discount first week)
  • Languages: English
  • Age rating: E 10+

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