Rediscover a beautiful, forgotten world in ‘Recollection’ offering a relaxing & blissful gameplay experience


Indie game developer and publisher Erik ‘Erkberg’ Schulze (Erkberg Games) is proud to announce the upcoming release of his debut game, Recollection, coming to PC via STEAM™ on April 17th, 2023.

Inspired by a past game-jam project (All The Same) that won the mood/atmosphere category among 800 other game entries at the popular Ludum Dare event, Recollectionis a casual “Walking’n’Watching” simulator with gameplay elements about the beauty of nature, where you can unwind and rediscover a wonderous, forgotten world.

Recollection challenges you to use your gaze and attention in diverse interactions. The world offers more than you may notice, and by looking closer and enjoying the blissful environment, you rediscover the incredible beauty of nature. What will you see? What will you experience? Watch the environment unfold and embrace the encounters you come across.

So many wonders surround us daily, and only by realization and attention to detail can the world’s true miracles be appreciated. Featuring two modes of play – Natural(relaxed) and Fragile (challenging), in addition to a host of customization options, the journey towards a higher awareness begins. Embrace what you experience and appreciate the precious wonders of this world anew.


  • Hand-crafted, Diverse Gameplay Experiences.
  • Casual, Accessible Gameplay.
  • Wonderful Environment.
  • Two Modes Of Play: Natural (Relaxed & Wholesome) / Fragile (Challenging & Concerning).
  • Unique Silhouette Visuals.
  • Magical Audiovisuals.

Recollection is available via STEAM™

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