Retro-inspired Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider unleashes cyborg ninja fury today on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles


Publisher The Arcade Crew (InfernaxYoung SoulsBlazing Chrome) and developer JoyMasher (Blazing Chrome) today unsheathe Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider, a retro-inspired action platformer following a cyborg ninja’s full-throttle fight against ruthless totalitarians, on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles for 16,99€.

Agile ninjas can save 10 percent on the game’s PC, Switch or PlayStation* versions by devoting themselves to the blade until Jan. 25. Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider will also be available on Amazon Luna in selected territories.

Today’s launch trailer embodies the classic era of gaming Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider recalls through a live action depiction of the starring ninja. The clip finds the cyborg known as Moonrider as it settles on desertion from the oppressive forces it was built to fight beside, committing to revenge and an unwavering protection of the people. Catch today’s trailer to meet the unexpected hero pitting itself against overwhelming odds and a rival squad of devastatingly powerful super soldiers.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider features:

  • Laser-Precise Combat: A celebration and refinement of classic platforming action centered around challenging battles and responsive, satisfying movement
  • Modifiable Ninja Power: Secure killer abilities by discovering modifier chips hidden throughout the adventure, tailoring Moonrider’s abilities to suit a range of playstyles
  • 16-Bit Visual Glory: Gorgeously detailed sprites and environments bring a beautiful desolated world to life through visuals that’d look right at home on a CRT TV
  • Radical Sound: A rousing soundtrack keeps tension high throughout the adventure, pairing with crunchy SFX to perfectly round out a retro-inspired atmosphere
  • A Razor Sharp Campaign: A striking, exhilarating gauntlet spanning eight deadly stages of cutthroat fighting – Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is all killer, no filler.

Join JoyMasher in studying the blade by visiting, follow @TheArcadeCrew and @JoyMasher on Twitter, and join the super soldier-hunting resistance on Discord.


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