RoboDunk demo released for Steam Next Fest, new trailer shows space dunks and big skill trees


Developer Jollypunch Games is excited to announce the release of the demo of their new game, RoboDunk! After the debut at E3 2021 and touring events like Milan Games Week and Taipei Game Show, the first roguelite basketball game in history finally has a playable demo.

The demo includes just part of the big roster of robots and arenas that will be in the full game, but has the full experience of dunking from space, shooting big lasers, avoiding missiles, mines and tornados.

Players can have a taste of a replayable roguelite mode for 1-2 players, where you can buy robots to build your team, upgrade their stats, and unlock skills from a massive skill tree.
You can choose your path among randomized matches with unique rewards, rules, traps and opponents.

After every match you earn money and unlock a piece of the lore.
The demo also has a versus mode for 1-4 players where you can battle friends or the CPU,
while unlocking new characters, stages and skills.


“I can’t wait for everyone to try this game. I always wanted a super satisfying arcade sports game with lots of variety and progression, but I couldn’t find one, so I started making it myself. I think it’s really fun even for people who don’t really care for sports or roguelites.”

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