RuneScape takes on 90s Point and Click Adventures in new quest, Fort Forinthry: Murder on the Border


Launching on Monday, 20th March in RuneScape, Fort Forinthry: Murder on the Border is the first quest in the Fort Forinthry Season. Continuing the storyline which launched last month in Fort Forinthry: New FoundationsMurder on the Border sees players host a banquet that turns deadly.

Players – the current Dukes, Duchesses or Duxes of Fort Forinthry – have been invited by King Roald to dine in celebration of the Fort’s construction. Any hope that the event goes well is dashed by the addition of the party’s surprise guest, murder! Players will team up with the affable wannabe-detective steward, Aster, to prevent the kingdom from descending into chaos.

Throughout the investigation, classic point-and-click adventure game mysteries will require solving using a new Clue Interface. Budding detectives can use this to view collected clues, spot any missing information, and view character profiles of each suspect to deduce the killer and their motive. It’s a classic whodunnit with a RuneScape twist!

Before the banquet can begin, however, players will put their construction skills to use in building the kitchen. This brand new hub for the cooking skill can be upgraded after the quest for an array of bonuses such as decreased chance of burning food, access to a cooking supply shop, and cooking XP boosts.

Fort Forinthry: Murder on the Border is members-content, for more information please visit the websiteRuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.

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