Save Koch, the strategic local mobster simulator, is coming to Xbox and PlayStation


You are local mafia kingpin, Jeffrey Koch. Your empire in New Kandinski is in total chaos because an unknown Mastermind has decided to take your place. And they’ve planted a sleeper Mole inside your operation. It’s time to act, but you need to act smart.

Save Koch is a strategic simulation game all about a mafia godfather under threat. Unknown forces are working overtime to get you out of the picture and there’s a sneaky mole within your entourage, who’s helping bring you and your empire to the knees!

Gather your loyal soldiers and do whatever you have to to stay in charge—hire detectives, torture witnesses, study the clues—do everything you need to figure out who is behind this attack and find the traitor in six days…

But remember that all your actions or inactions could have unexpected consequences—and every new gameplay can bring new surprises. An error can cost someone’s life. Just pray that it’s not yours!

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others – George Orwell, Animal Farm

Main Features:

– Unique sci-fi noire genre

– High tension: complete your investigation in just six days in an atmosphere of stress, panic and suspicion.

– Live with the consequences: once you make your decisions, there’s no going back and each decision can impact the outcome

– Roguelike elements: new gameplay could turn yesterday’s enemy into today’s best friend, and a well-known situation could play out completely differently

– Thieves, detectives, thugs: select your crew and use their various skills to your advantage

– Entertaining thriller: immerse yourself in a futuristic atmosphere of cyberpunk, noire and black humor. Keep safe and stay on top!

Mature content description

The developers describe the content like this:

This game contains violence showing graphic, death and injury to unrealistic humans or animals, crime scenes, use of alcohol, sexual descriptions and mild swearing.

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