Slave Zero X Reveals Talent from Pokémon, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and God of War: Ragnarök


Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, is bringing back a top-selling title of the Dreamcast era.

Made in partnership with Poppy Works and the team behind the renowned Devil Engine, and featuring the writing talent of Miles Luna, co-creator of RWBYSlave Zero X  is an exciting new entry set in the same world as the original Slave Zero™ (1999). Today, we’re revealing two accomplished voice actors, SungWon Cho and Anjali Kunapaneni, lending their talents to this fast-paced, hard-hitting, biopunk action game.

SungWon Cho, known for his viral social media voice-acting videos and iconic games like God of War: Ragnarök and Yakuza: Like a Dragon, will be taking up the sword as Hercules J. Thorman, the first member of the Five Calamities. Known for his boundless capacity for brutality and a complete detachment from any sense of guilt, Thorman has relied solely on the superior technology and resources he’s had at his disposal since birth. Outfitted with the MDHF-era exo-suit, Thorman’s commanding silhouette is internally outfitted with a custom biotechnical harness that prolongs life and infuses him with vigor so long as he never leaves the confines of the suit.

Anjali Kunapaneni, known for their roles in the hugely popular Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Apex Legends, and Pokémon, joins the star-studded lineup as Ayesha, a 19-year-old thief and citizen of the Megacity. A smuggler once committed to making life in their neighborhood better by stealing supplies from the corrupt and the powerful, Ayesha’s friends were arrested and tragically executed by the SovKhan’s forces four years ago. Now, Ayesha uses their skills to undermine and sabotage the SovKhan whenever possible.

The newest title in the classic Dreamcast Slave Zero™ franchise will bring a whole new side-scrolling hack-and-slash experience to fans of the original game. A satisfyingly punishing game, Slave Zero X sees players donning a death-dealing biosuit to do battle against the violent forces of the tyrannical SovKhan. Featuring multiple gameplay modes and a variety of futuristic 2.5D dystopian urban levels to battle through, players will string together brutal combos and fight through waves of genetically enhanced biopunk opponents — all to the tune of a gnarly synth soundtrack.

Features of Slave Zero X include:

  • Different Modes to Mutilate: Play through the story, build your combo-crushing skills in training mode, or test your might in the post-story Bloody Palace Mode

  • Hack-n-Slash ‘n Slash ‘n Slash…: Chain together lethal attack combos with your sword and an array of explosive ordinance while leaping, sprinting, and flipping your way through a grim biopunk world

  • An Environment Worthy of H.R. Giger: Conquer mini-bosses and climactic arch-villains in unforgettable combat sequences

  • Brutal Battles and Cutthroat Missions: Battle your way through massive levels, mazes, and boss-rushes in a dynamic 2.5D world

  • Blood-Soaked and Synth-Soaked: Immerse yourself in a world of heavy Drum ‘n Bass and industrial tracks that get more intense as the action heats up

Slave Zero X is available to wishlist now on Steam and GOG, and you can play through the demo on Steam as well.

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