SokoChess White – Release date and demo available now


SokoChess White, developed by Martin Firbacher (Daisy Games), is a spin-off of the original SokoChess. Just like its predecessor it’s a minimalistic puzzle game about pushing Chess pieces into their destination and avoiding various obstacles.

However this time there are no black pieces that will attempt to capture yours.

Enjoy 70 different handcrafted levels with a unique twist on the Chess formula.

The goal of each level is to get all the white pieces to their destination.

  • 70 handcrafted levels
  • Infinite undos
  • Puzzle elements you won’t see in Chess
  • Unique and chill gameplay combining Chess and Sokoban
  • Don’t like a level you are playing? Skip it!

The game is planned to be released (Steam) on March, 3 2023.

You can download right now the free demo!

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