Solve the puzzle backwards in Midnight is Lost


QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Robotizar Games, is pleased to announce a new game, Midnight is Lost, which will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/ Series X |S on February 23rd.

Midnight is Lost is a Sokoban game, but with a special characteristic: puzzles need to be solved backward , transforming simple challenges into complex ones!

Midnight is a witch’s animal helper, more precisely, a cat that has accidentally ended up on a mysterious island. Now he is lost in a weird world and needs your help to get back home. Before the adventure begins, there is one more thing you must know: Midnight is a smart guy, always careful and planning every step.
Midnight gives you a unique and challenging experience. Get ready to burn your brain with this game!

Game features:
– 30 levels;
– An exclusive and immersive soundtrack;
– Secret minigames to find;

About QUByte Interactive
QUByte is a Brazilian game developer and the largest Latin American publisher of consoles. Our aim is to grow the industry through Porting and Publishing partnerships, making games available to a wider audience on all major platforms so they can realize their full potential.

About Robotizar Games
Solo Brazilian game developer that focus on making a variety of puzzle games. Wordland Trilogy and Mini Gardens – Logic Puzzle are some of the games already available on Steam.

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