Stylish dungeon crawler ‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu’ is out now on PC & Console


PQube and ACQUIRE are excited to announce that ‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu‘ is out now for Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Set in the moonlit city of Ido, the world has been blackened by the devastating ‘Ink of Ruin’. It is up to you to conscript a team of warriors and venture deep into the labyrinths to conquer and sanctify the land. But beware of the terrifying Yokai, beasts & monsters based on traditional Japanese folklore, that stand in your way ready to challenge your skills and strategy at every turn.

  • Stunning Japanese-Inspired Ink-Brush Art Style: The game’s artwork is a beautiful blend of traditional Japanese art and modern design that illustrates itself in as you move through environments.
  • Clash With Terrifying Yokai Beasts: As you plunge deeper into winding labyrinths the line between reality and nightmare becomes blurred. The creatures you will encounter in Labyrinth of Zangetsu are not merely monsters, but entities steeped in traditional Japanese folklore and legend, whose very presence will fill players with an unshakeable sense of dread…
  • Create & Customise Your Own Conscripts: The ink-ruined land of Ido is a place where only the strongest and most adaptable can hope to survive. To stand any chance against these malevolent spirits, players must customise their hero to the fullest extent, tailoring every stat and ability to their specific needs.
  • Intense Strategic Turn-Based Battle System: Structure your team strategically with the unique ‘front & back’ mechanic; positioning your strongest conscripts at the front for powerful attacks, and your more defence allies in the back to help defend against unrelenting attacks!
  • Ink Your Path In a Spiralling Narrative: Uncover the mysteries of the game’s world and story as you progress through the game, completing side quests and uncovering hidden lore.
  • Immersive and atmospheric soundtrack: An atmospheric soundtrack based on traditional Japanese music, adding an extra layer of authenticity and intrigue to the game’s world.

Fight a variety of enemy yokai, including demons, undead, and ghosts based on traditional Japanese folklore, as you venture through winding labyrinths. Each monster is beautifully illustrated and boasts different attack styles to challenge your team’s strategy. Created from the “Ink of Ruin”, these foes are hell-bent on tainting the land of Ido and adding to their already increasing numbers, so be sure to stand firm in your fight!

Positioning is key as you enter into a turn-based battle, but knowing your enemy will give you the advantage as you can prepare your attacks to strike them down and earn victory! Each labyrinth has a range of exciting enemies to encounter unique to the environment, so take note of their form and attacks to give yourself the upper hand in battle and ensure your mission to sanctify the labyrinths is a success!

Labyrinth Of Zangetsu

The Physical Edition of ‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu’ is available now! Pick up your copy on either PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch using the links below.


Labyrinth of Zangetsu

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