Super Buff HD release date confirmed with bufftacular new trailer


Indie publisher Digerati is turbo-pumped to announce to the world that Super Buff HD will be launching later this month on PC.

The fragtastic buff battlin’ FPS, which is jam-packed with blam-o, kerchow, beef and BOOOOM, arrives 29 September on Steam, priced $8.99. Players with enough hunkin’ buff will be able to purchase the game with an incredibly powerful 20% discount for a limited time.

Developed by a dream team of dreamy developers operating under the guise of Buffcorp, Super Buff HD is a high-score movement shooter painstakingly designed for players with a greedy need for speed, an insatiable trigger finger, and a burning passion for MS Paint. Grind rails, body-surf enemies, and get huge air as you dumb ‘n’ gun through a deranged world overrun by buff dudes.

Super Buff HD will also be bench-pressing its way to Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2024.

About the game

Super Buff HD is a fast-paced skate-surf-FPS.

The year is 202020. It’s wild. All the buff dudes have turned on society. STOP THEM.

Dash, bounce, grind, blast, shred, shoot, and soar through a fever dream world of unhinged weirdness. Defeat all the buff dudes. Get a high score. Be a winner. Home for dinner.

Key Features

  • MOBILITY TO MAKE YOU FEEL SUPER POWERED: Levels are playgrounds you can jump, shred, and bounce all over. Grind between rails. Body-surf on enemies. Use water jets, trampolines, poop fountains and pretty much anything to launch yourself heavenwards for huge air.
  • MIGHTY WEAPONS TO KEEP THE BUFF AT BAY: Choose from a modest armory of killy toys, each with dual firing modes and unique functionality. From a trusty hammer that always makes its way back to you no matter how far you throw it, to a revolving potato cannon with backup basketball bombs.
  • A WORLD OF POOP AND PURE IMAGINATION: Your battle against the buff takes place across 18 stages of strangeness. Levels are variously and hilariously themed, such as mushroom, street, cowboy, moonbase, mall, and sewage (don’t fall in the brown stuff).
  • HIGH SCORES FOR SELF-GRATIFICATION: Measure the success of your buff-battering performances by racking up ker-azy high scores. Build and keep your multiplier going for even higher scores. Pull on your big boy pants and put some thunder in your number.
  • TOTALLY NUTS, OVER BUFFED BOSSES: Face off against a freakshow of good and pumped boss dudes. Topple a tower block with bulging biceps. Smack down a sword-wielding trashcan titan. Make mincemeat out of a belly-flopping mushroom king.


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